Parent Resource Centers

  • Every Title I MCSD school has a Parent Resource Center. The Center offers parents access to computers to look up children's grades, attendance, and homework.  Also available are school district and educational websites to help children with school work and for parents to keep current with activities. 

    In addition, parents can check out materials that can be used at home such as learning kits and games for students.

    Other parent resources such as books to help with preparing for the citizenship test, guide people through the immigration process, and adjusting to American culture, manners, and customs are contained in the Center. 

    All materials and resources are free to use and many may be borrowed when parents sign them out.

    At the Parent Resource Center, parents will also find postings of upcoming parent meetings and school events.

    There are numerous free multi-lingual brochures on how to involve and stimulate a child's learning. There are pamphlets explaining how to work with teachers and school staff. There are also picture dictionaries so parents and children can work together to gain language skills.

Picture of Parent Resource Center at Horace O'Bryant School
  • The Parent Resource Center is available to all parents during school hours.  Contact your child's school office for location of the Parent Resource Center in your child's school.