School District Awards

  • Employee Spotlight: Kerry MalcoskyKerry is a busy 6th grade science teacher who loves to spend time with her four-legged BFF, Lily! She tells us that her list of favorite things also includes traveling and exploring, spending time with her family, riding her bicycle around beautiful Key West, and she also loves to cook. We asked Kerry about her hobbies and she tells us that traveling is her passion. Since she likes to cook, we asked what her favorite food is… good ol’ fashioned “pizza!” Lastly, we asked Kerry to tell us what she likes about working for MCSD. She responded, “The wonderful people I get to work with.”

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    Employee spotlight Jessica CatonEmployee Spotlight: Jessica Caton, Teacher, Gerald Adams Elementary School.

    As an elementary school teacher, Jessica is kept busy! We asked her if she enjoys any hobbies after a hectic week and she tells us that she “loves baking sugar-free treats and sharing them!” Mmm… that sounds like a delicious hobby! So, if she loves good foods what’s her favorite? Good ol’ mozzarella sticks! What about some her top 5 favorite things? She says that she loves to spend time with her family; support and attend community events; she loves to listen to contemporary Christian music; watching sunsets (and the Keys is the best place for that); and lastly she tells us that she loves “all things math!” We asked Jessica what she likes about working for MCSD and she responded, “ I love working with amazing educators that go above and beyond for our students, and seeing how far our students can excel in life!”

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  • Employee Spotlight: Eddie Diaz

    Employee Spotlight, April 22, 2022: Eddie Diaz, Maintenance Technician

    Eddie has been a part of the MCSD family for over 2 decades! A true Keys guy, he loves boating, diving, fishing, and spending time with his family and friends. When we asked about his hobbies, Eddie told us about how he loves to work on his boats – especially high performing boats. Well he certainly keeps busy and active, so what is his favorite food that keeps his energy up? Steak and seafood… good ol’ surf n turf! With so many years’ of service, we asked why he likes working for MCSD. Eddie says, “… each day brings a different task in maintaining the schools and facilities.”

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  • Spotlight: Kelly QuallsSpotlight April 8 2022: Kelly Qualls, Data Entry Registrar at Switlik School

    Kelly tells us her top five favorite things are: spending time with her children; traveling and exploring; chilling at the beach; relaxing with a great movie; and listening to good music.

    Her hobbies include a good bicycle ride and working in her garden. And, since those hobbies will work up an appetite, we asked her about her favorite foods.  Like a true Keys girl she loves fresh seafood and fruit, but she says that a good steak goes down well too!

    Finally, we asked Kelly why she likes her job, working for the Monroe County School District. She said, “I have the privilege of meeting all the new students and families from around the world.. I enjoy seeing and chatting with the students on our campus on a daily basis.”

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  • Tiffany Roan, Employee SpotlightSpotlight, March 25, 2022: Tiffany Roan, Reading Interventionist – Sugarloaf School

    We asked Tiffany about her top 5 favorite things and she tells us: her family and her dog, Tyko; "all things Harry Potter"; traveling; visiting EPCOT at Disney World; and a relaxing brunch in Key West! So she must have a favorite Key West food... "the Monte Cristo Sandwich at Azure!" How about hobbies? She tells us that she relaxes with reading, knitting, growing orchids, and like a true Keys gal - getting out of the boat! Lastly, we asked Tiffany what she likes about working for MCSD and she says, "Who wouldn't want to do the best job in the world, in the most beautiful place in the world!"


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