Emergency School Closures of District Schools

  • On rare occasions, it may be necessary to close a school(s) due to weather or other emergency situations. If this occurs, the district will make every effort to ensure that our students' educational opportunities continue while at home. The district has compiled a comprehensive collection of online content and digital resources. The district also provides mobile devices for students to check out for home use to ensure that district students can continue their learning without interruption. Charter schools are not bound by this plan, and they may implement emergency plans that best suit their specific needs. Parents of charter school students should contact their children’s schools for information about device availability and more.

    The Educational Instruction Continuity Plan (EICP) has multiple components: Content Delivery, Mobile Devices and Additional Support. Content Delivery explains which resources students will use for core instruction and which materials can be used as supplemental resources to enhance core instruction. Mobile Devices provides the steps the district is taking to ensure that any district student who needs a mobile device to access the instructional resources will be provided with one, upon request, for the duration of the schools closure.  Connectivity is managed independently of the Monroe County School District through an independent service provider.  If your household does not currently have an internet service provider, Comcast does have a household essentials program available for individual subscription. Please see additional information below on connectivity support.  Additional support is provided for the well being of the whole child.  Food services and ESE are working to provide services and the links provided below provide more information in those areas.  

    Please note that all suggestions and plans for implementation are subject to change.

    Please visit keysschools.com for updates on school closings or instructional initiatives.


  • Click the images to the left to learn more about how Monroe County is supporting learning in the Florida Keys as well as providing additional resources to support parents during this time. 

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  • Classlink home page Monroe County utilizes MY.KEYSSCHOOLS.COM as a single sign on point of entry for all student instructional programs.  In the event of an emergency school closures, content access will continue through my.keysschools.com.  Students in K-5 will be sent home with a Quick Card to support ease of access into the platform using a Chromebook.  Students in grades 6-12 will login in using their keysstudents.com account and district provided password. 

     If technical support is needed, please contact the help desk through the Instructional Technology Support Page.


Instructional Content

    • Students will have access to digital materials and instructional activities aligned to the state standards.
    • Both "Core" and "Supplemental Materials" will be available.  "Core" materials will be used as the main instructional programs in the event of a shift to full time virtual learning and "Supplemental Materials" are available for enhancement and enrichment at any time.
      Core Content Directives
      Supplemental Content

Additional Supports

Device Assist