Treasure Village Montessori Classes & Achievements

    “What do you mean, 'don't touch'? Touching is the way we learn.” ~ Maria Montessori

    Exciting things are happening in the classrooms and administrative offices of Treasure Village Montessori. From Pre-Kindergarten to Lower Elementary, Upper Elementary and Middle School and beyond to the TVM Administration; we have some illuminating educational projects and school successes to share. Class news will be updated throughout the school year so you can follow along as we grow, explore and discover.

    Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten

    “The more that you read, the more things you will know.
    The more that you learn, the more places you'll go.”
    ~ Dr. Suess

    Learning in the courtyard

    TVM Voluntary Pre-Kindergarten advances a child's social, emotional, and cognitive development in an environment centered on language, math, sensory and practical life skills.


    • Stimulating environment that encourages a trusting transition into kindergarten.
    • Promotes independence by allowing them the opportunity to do things for themselves.
    • Provides real life tools they can relate to, using real life terminology that associates a sense of importance with each activity or "work".

    Enrollment in VPK program guarantees admittance into Treasure Village Montessori K-8 program.
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    Treasure Village Montessori's Elementary program advances student's concrete and abstract reasoning abilities while enhancing their interpersonal skills in a mixed-age environment that promotes responsibility for self, respect for others, effective communication skills.

    Aligning Montessori curriculum with state standards shows possibility of developing proficiencies using Montessori processes without sacrificing sequences that build conceptual understanding.

    Lower Elementary – Kindergarten to 3rd grade

    “Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” ~ Maria Montessori

    Lower Elementary emphasizes an academic focus on learning to read, learning to write, learning the basic building blocks for math.


    Kindergarten and first grade classroom
    • Encourages responsibility and work ethic through classroom chores, gardening, tending animals, and other community tasks.
    • Promotes social interaction in an academic setting which develops lifelong aptitudes for collaboration and problem solving.
    • Interaction among students within the multiage classroom promoting tolerance, greater comfort with diversity of all kinds and better negotiation skills.
    • Emphasis on communication skills, coping and resourcefulness as imperative abilities in global community.
    • Regular monthly field trips enable the school to utilize the surrounding community for additional learning opportunities.

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    Upper Elementary – 4th and 5th grade

    “This is the time when student begin to learn and understand that they have control and choices about themselves and their future.” ~ Kelly Astin, TVM Principal, 1997-2013

    Fourth and fifth grade classroom

    TVM Upper Elementary students focus on reading to learn, writing to learn and communicate and applying mathematical concepts to problem solving and real life situations.


    • Opportunities for cooperative learning through mixed age groups based on ability and interest, not just age and grade level.
    • Community service requirements promoting good citizenship and real world applications.
    • Integrated and spiraling curriculum for a more effective approach to learning while utilizing a variety of assessment tools including testing, report cards and portfolios.
    • Collaborative learning experience that focus on conflict resolution, problem solving, community meetings, student initiated policies and procedures.
    • Regular opportunities for leadership including student council, honor roll, Odyssey of the Mind to name a few.
    • Utilization of monthly field trips and speakers to extend and enhance the learning process throughout the community.
    • Daily promotion and integration of technology through lap tops, SMART boards and the skill set required to navigate in a global market.
    • Provides a rigorous and challenging physical education program to meet the needs of prepubescent students through swimming, sailing, tennis and a variety of other sports.

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    Middle School 6th, 7th and 8th grades

    “The middle school grades are the intersection of student's need to get on track and to begin to determine what they will be like as adults.” ~ Sharon Camlin, Author

    Math and Science Lab

    Treasure Village Montessori's Middle School program provides a student-centered, high school prep focus through an integrated sequenced curriculum while offering aspects that will help prepare students for the rigors of high school and eventually college.


    • Emphasis on cooperation rather than competition, working together as a team and understanding the benefits including productivity.
    • Opportunities for setting personal and professional goals including senior council, National Junior Honor Society, Florida Virtual School to name a few.
    • A safe place to test boundaries and learn from mistakes under the guidance of savvy, caring and qualified staff.
    • Grading practices that prepare students for high school and college standards like Grade Point Average (GPA), portfolios and report cards.
    • Specific focus and promotion of effective communication skills through speech, debate and lecture, Toastmaster opportunities integrated into every school day, building self-esteem, confidence and a better ability to relay information, thoughts and opinions.
    • Integrates and promotes problem solving, critical thinking, team building, conflict resolution, and inductive/deductive reasoning skills into all aspects of the academic program.
    • Assimilates mental, physical and health education, community service learning, organized social events like dances, clubs and camp-outs recognizing there are many types of ways to learn.
    • Utilizes a wide variety of learning techniques to reach a wide range of ability levels within the student population, among the various subjects and includes large and small group, individual, technology based techniques which challenge each and every student.
    • Provides a setting and situation with enough students to enable and develop meaningful and deeper relationships without getting lost in the crowd.
    • Offers a strong and creative curriculum that will prepare the students for any academic program and standard at the high school level.
    • Developmentally appropriate program that provides a balance between the physical and intellectual needs of a middle school student.

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    M.A.P.S - Music, Art, Performance, Spanish

    “Creativity and language diversity are an integral part of the multi-faceted and enriching educational experience at TVM.” ~ Kelly Astin, TVM Principal, 1997-2013

    All the world's a stage

    M.A.P.S = Music, Art, Performance, Spanish – A school based program; a journey into the sights, sounds and feelings of music, art and performing arts throughout the world and in history.

    Our M.A.P.S program is extraordinary. While nationally many schools have cut arts and language programs Treasure Village Montessori has continued to expand ours.

    TVM encourages a balanced and challenging approach to learning and our cultural education program is a piece of the kaleidoscopic fabric that makes up the educational foundation for which Montessori education is acclaimed.

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    Visit the M.A.P.S page to learn more about our innovative Arts, Cultural and Spanish Language program at TVM.


    “When you learn, teach, when you get, give.”
    ~ Maya Angelou

    Treasure Village Montessori's progressive curriculum components are an integral part of what makes our charter school so special. Our administrative leaders constantly seek new ways to interest and educate the students through enriching, captivation and evolving programs while meeting the educational standards. Continuing our own cultivation in the art of education allows us to keep pace with the ever-changing world cosmos that is academia, technology and art.

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