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    “Hitch your wagon to a star.” ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


    TVM Leadership Executive Committee


    TVM Student Council – first meeting of the new year

    Treasure Village Montessori has developed many methods for giving our stakeholders a voice in the continuing development of our school and students are no exception. Through an elected TVM Leadership Executive Committee, both senior and junior, students in grades four and up are given the opportunity at monthly council meetings to ask questions or voice concerns based upon student body input.


    The main goal of the TVM Leadership Executive Committee is to instill school spirit through activities of the councils' choosing. Activities include school spirit week, dances, group fundraising, community service, and promoting other relevant events. Involvement in the TVM Leadership Executive Committee and the democratic process promote independence, responsibility and leadership in students at all levels, ages and grades – a cornerstone to the Montessori Philosophy. Students must be working at grade level in all areas to be eligible to participate in the TVM Leadership Executive Committee. All members of the student body may attend events designed for their grade levels. Student elections are held throughout the first month of the school year.


    Things to consider when deciding to run for TVM Leadership Executive Committee

    • What skills and personal characteristics do you have to offer? Examples include leadership, organization, writing, dependable, good follow etc.
    • Do you have the time to commit to the position?
    • Can you stay after school to attend meetings?
    • Do you keep up with your school work?
    • How can you make TVM an even better environment for the student body and staff?

    Treasure Village Montessori Dress Code


    Themed School Spirit Days – Costumes are in!

    All Treasure Village Montessori students, from Pre-kindergarten through 8th grade, have the right to dress casually provided it is not in a manner that is distracting or extreme and does not interfere with the educational process, or create safety concerns or distractions at school. A gym uniform is required for all Physical Education (PE) activities. It is a Florida State requirement that students dress accordingly for PE to receive credit for participating in these activities. Gym uniforms can be purchased in the main office.


    Treasure Village Montessori's dress code policy is designed to provide an environment where appropriate social and learning skills are developed. The school setting should model a social structure of mutual respect and cooperation. We believe that appropriate language and dress are essential to effective teaching and student success. Treasure Village Montessori's dress code states: Students are required to wear appropriate clothing according to the situation and the grade level involved.


    Please refer to the Parent Handbook for the full Treasure Village Montessori dress code policy.


    Community Service/Learning


    “Life makes most sense when we are giving.” ~ Martin Guigui, Filmmaker, Musician, Mentor


    Treasure Village Montessori is part of the local, state and world community. We believe it is our privilege and honor to give to the community here, on a local level. A special community service program has been designed to help us achieve this important mission. As a sometimes unexpected benefit, students discover that it feels good, in fact GREAT, to give, to help, to serve. Often they get even more out of their community service than they give to it.


    One of the many reasons for the success of this program is the ongoing support from community members. People in the surrounding community have generously donated countless hours of their time, effort and energy to ensure that at Treasure Village Montessori, our growing community service program has been a success. As members of a local community and a global community, Treasure Village Montessori values the role every individual plays in society in order to make the world a better place.


    Why do we give?


    To promote and support the school, local and global communities, to teach the value of the power contained in every individual, to show the difference that collaboration can have on a community, TVM requires that students in grades three through eight satisfy a community service component each year outside of school hours. Community service hours are reflected on the report cards and affect overall GPA in middle school. Approved activities include those in which a group or organization, preferably 501C3, (a non-profit) is the beneficiary of the time and efforts given by the student.


    Examples of organizations that have benefited from service or activities that have been utilized include church or temple groups, humane society, food shelters, MARC House, The Wild Bird Center, collecting books for local libraries, creation of flyers that promote anti-smoking campaigns and handing them out at functions, Chamber of Commerce or Rotary events that raise funds for scholarships, or promote good will, and so many more.


    Through these experiences Treasure Village Montessori students learn the value of working together for the greater

    Community service with big smiles and a wagging tale.
    good and learn how to contribute in a variety of ways to improve their community. The merit of this special program is immeasurable and often students exceed the requirement, by choice! Student often enjoy the benefit of helping others without any monetary gains. Students beginning in 3rd grade are required to fulfill a minimum number of hours per grade level, per year. In addition to these aspects of service, membership into the National Honor Society also requires completion of this requirement.



    The following is a schedule of hours required each school year:


    3rd Grade: 15 Hours
    4th Grade: 20 Hours
    5th Grade: 25 Hours
    6th Grade: 30 Hours
    7th Grade: 35 Hours
    8th Grade: 40 Hours




    Lunch is the one meal that takes place during school hours. Additionally students are encouraged, at all ages, to bring snacks to eat throughout the day with teacher permission.


    Lunch is used as a catalyst for discussion about nutrition, the food pyramid and related conversations relevant to health and wellness. To support this endeavor, TVM institutes a no sugar- or a decidedly LESS sugar policy. This policy is used as a guideline for parents and students and states that food/beverages brought to school may not have sugar, in any form, as the first three ingredients. This challenging, but effective policy prompts passionate dialogue, and elicits many well-written debates, and papers about nutrition among our student population.


    To support this policy at Treasure Village Montessori, students may order the lunch through the office which picks up cold lunches every day from the local high school.

    Price: The price for these lunches is: $2.50 for VPK-5th grade and $2.85 for 6th-8th, and includes a sandwich, fruit, milk or juice and an additional snack.

    Students may also choose to bring their lunches to school provided they adhere to the no sugar policy. Students may order county lunches available daily, through the main office. Menus for these lunches are available at the beginning of each month in the front office.


    Code of Conduct


    Treasure Village Montessori is place of self respect and mutual respect. A safe and courteous environment is at the very core of a healthy learning environment. The code of student conduct has been established to foster and protect the core missions of the school, to foster the academic and personal development of TVM's students in a safe and secure learning environment, and to protect the people, properties and processes that support the Treasure Village Montessori School and its missions. The rules for the Code of Student Conduct are designed based on the principle that TVM believes students will choose to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner. However, there are consequences for student on any occasions that they do not.


    A detailed description of the Student Code of Conduct and the various levels misconduct, along with the corresponding consequences, can be found in the Parent Handbook. A copy will also be provided to each student at the start of the school year as part of the student handbook.

    School Rules


    TVM school rules are designed to help create a comfortable and orderly learning environment. The TVM Staff works diligently to prepare lessons that will capture the student's interest, inspire learning, and instill and satisfy curiosity. In order to provide students with a quality hands-on education, we need to create an orderly learning atmosphere. TVM enlists student cooperation. Treasure Village Montessori's school rules are available in the Parent Handbook. It is important that students take time to read them, understand them and agree to abide by them. A copy will also be provided to each student at the start of the school year as part of the student handbook.


    Why are rules necessary?


    It would stand to reason that when you have fewer people you need fewer rules. The early settlers had fewer laws to follow as compared to modern day Americans. Laws (like rules) are designed to protect the rights of the individual while still maintaining the freedoms of the many. One of the best examples illustrating the benefit of rules involves the rules of the road. Can you imagine what it would be like to drive from place to place if there were no rules? If people just drove their vehicles however and wherever they liked; without regard for the other drivers there would be chaos on the roads. Classrooms, like roads, are similar; a student who habitually blurts out comments or answers disrupts the orderly flow of traffic in the classroom. If everyone in the classroom behaved in this manner, no learning could occur because the teacher would not be able to teach in an atmosphere of chaos.


    What are the school rules?


    TVM has several common-sense classroom rules, these rules are similar to the rules used whenever groups of people are assembled. The rules are the same in each classroom and are as follows:
    1. Wait to be recognized if you wish to speak, ask a question, answer a question, or leave your seat for any reason. Once you take your seat at the beginning of class you are expected to stay in that seat unless given permission to move about. If the teacher has assigned your seat you are expected to sit in that assigned seat whenever the class meets.
    2. Use silent hand signals if you wish to use the restroom or get a drink of water. (These silent signals will be explained to you during the first week of school.)
    3. Respect the personal space and property of others. The space surrounding another student is his/her personal space; this includes his/her desk and his/her property. If you put your feet on another student's desk you are invading their personal space, likewise if you borrow another student's pencil without asking you have disrespected the property rule.
    4. Calling all artists. Everyone likes to doodle and drawing can be fun but it can also be considered disrespectful if done during class. Therefore, please refrain from drawing, doodling or sketching when you're supposed to be learning, listening or working in class. Also, be sure not to doodle, draw or mark on school property unless you like cleaning, erasing and sanding on your weekends.


    A complete list of rules are located in the Parent Handbook.


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