• Volunteering at TVM

    Instructor: Ms. Connie Chapell

    To volunteer at the school please sign up for our VISA program.

    Volunteers plan some awesome TVM Social fundraisers

    To register as a volunteer, you will begin by enrolling electronically on the Monroe County School District Volunteering page. You must first ENROLL to get a use name and password and register as a level 2. Level 2 security will allow to you chaperone field trips, work with students on cat walks etc.

    If you have registered to volunteer and would like to choose ongoing events to participate in you may sign up here.

    Next: After completing the application, please call the District Office at 305.293.1400 ext 53329 and set an appointment for fingerprinting. You will need to supply a copy of your driver's license at the appointment time for background screening along with a check for $60.00 made out to Monroe County School Board. This fees covers a five year tracking program for crimes against children. Fingerprint times in the Upper Keys vary but are usually scheduled for the third Thursday of each month or you may decide to drive to Key West Monday through Friday with an appointment.

    We hope you able to share some time volunteering! Please contact your child's teachers for more information about how you as parents can help shape the success of your family's Treasure Village Montessori school.