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    “Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn.” ~ Benjamin Franklin


    Treasure Village Montessori Charter School, (TVM), was made for the 21st century learner and their family. Academics are

    Spacious classrooms offer a multitude of learning tools and comfortable spaces
    presented in a unique way that provides every student the ability to excel in all areas using innovative and effective methods of teaching.



    What is Treasure Village Montessori's Philosophy?


    By attending to the whole child by providing an environment that is rigorous in its academic approach as well as its approach to instilling effective communication and practical life skills, TVM along with each family, helps to develop successful, contributing members of society.




    Treasure Village Montessori, an A-rated charter school, we have a dual curriculum because at TVM we believe a well-rounded student is the result of a balanced yet rigorous, approach to learning. Because it is a state-funded school, it must meet student achievement goals established by the State of Florida and Monroe County. As such, students in grades K through 8 participate in state testing sessions which include FAIR and FCAT. But as a nationally affiliated Montessori program, TVM also integrates the Montessori curriculum. Together, Treasure Village Montessori's challenging academic program emphasizes math, language and science, as well as art, music, technology, business, character education, cultural studies, physical education and community services. Exposure to artistic, cultural and scientific matter lays a solid foundation for careers and passions later in life. All these areas are explored by students with the guidance and encouragement of specially trained, certified, experienced, and skilled teachers. In addition to a demanding academic program, TVM works to develop effective communication skills in students, coupled with practical life skills.


    The TVM library featuring an interactive SMART board and a sea of books!

    To create a viable elementary choice for parents, we offer an exceptional program that is free from tuition. This offers enrollment possibilities that will sustain a vibrant elementary program. Too often parents have to make sacrifices about their children's education because of financial constraints. Because we are free from tuition, our school can include children from diverse backgrounds, making our Montessori school a more exciting place to be.


    The Treasure Village Montessori curriculum includes the Montessori Method and Florida's New Generation Sunshine State Standard (SSS) and is moving to Core Content Standards (a national curriculum), all of which stress high academic standards, and the development of creativity. Our program also encourages concentration, self-esteem, research skills, curiosity, self-direction, active rather than passive learning, and cooperation along with teamwork as basic cornerstones for learning.




    Content Mastery lays the foundation for all grading at Treasure Village Montessori. Content Mastery refers to a child's ability to retain and assimilate learned information leading to successful application in the real world. In other words, grading is based on knowledge and mastery, while skills such as participation, homework, punctuality and others, are scored separately. Content Mastery subjects include math, science, language, reading, writing and other related areas.


    Skills, such as the ones previously mentioned as well as others such as follow through, attendance, time management and work completion are graded using a scale and are not factored into the subject area of the report card. Using this method allows teachers an ability to assess a student's knowledge and mastery, while identifying strengths and weaknesses that may or may not be affecting academics.

    An inviting, easy to navigate catwalk connects the classrooms

    Progress reports are given at the end of October and March, while Report Cards are administered in January and May. These progress monitoring tools, coupled with portfolio assembly, periodic assessments including FAIR (Florida's Assessment in Reading), Performance Matters and FCAT, work collaboratively to give parents, teachers and most importantly students a picture of their progress, enabling all parties to set goals and objects accordingly.


    Parent –Teacher Conferences, whether formal or informal are seen as a necessary part of the communication process, essential for student progression. Conferences are scheduled quarterly; however, most parents and/or faculty remain in recurrent communication making quarterly conferences irrelevant.


    Who may attend?


    The Montessori program and TVM's academics are designed expressly to attract and benefit parents and students who have an interest in the Montessori educational design. However, the school is open to any student residing in the school district. Treasure Village Montessori will admit students regardless of race, religion, sex, national origin, family income level, disabling conditions or proficiency in the English language.


    A child demonstrating the following qualities would be the most likely to succeed in the learning environment of the Montessori program:

    • passion for learning
    • self-motivation
    • willingness to investigate and take risks
    • enjoyment in choosing among several options
    • a self directed learner
    • ability to work independently
    • ability to follow through and complete tasks
    • respect for self, the environment, and others
    • an awareness of personal responsibility
    • ability to work with others
    • honesty
    • respect for personal and academic endeavors

    To learn more, explore our Montessori Program Highlights and Parents Responsibilities. Visit the pages of TVM staff introductions and Class Achievements to become familiar with who we are and what academic initiatives are being cultivated at Treasure Village Montessori.



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