M.A.P.S - Music, Art, Performance, Spanish

    “The creative is the place where no one else has ever been. You have to leave the city of your comfort and go into the wilderness of your intuition. What you'll discover will be wonderful. What you'll discover is yourself.”
    ~ Alan Alda

    Treasure Village Montessori's, (TVM), expanded cultural program, called M.A.P.S (Music, Art, Performing Arts, and Spanish) combines a multidisciplinary approach to the creative arts and Spanish language. Our expanded program—one far beyond the scope of what most traditional schools are able to offer—enables TVM to give students opportunities to apply their creative abilities into every aspect of their day. Creativity is learned and the creative mind is far more adept at grasping concepts in the technological and mathematics arenas so essential in today's world and workforce. These opportunities to explore creatively are demonstrated by the students indirectly and directly in all they do.

    Afterschool art programs include mosaic tiling, sculpture, painting and fashion design.


    • Information is presented in a multi-sensory mode to increase understanding and appreciation
    • Curriculum encourages acquisition of skills and exposure to knowledge and content
    • Students are also given opportunities to develop their ability to be resourceful, practice coping techniques and develop etiquette skills in an innovative and creative way

    • TVM Performing Arts
    • Students are encouraged and required to express themselves in a wide variety of modalities, enabling them to show their individuality in a safe and creative manner
    • Performance art will promote confidence and self esteem and enable them to feel uninhibited in the presence of an audience
    • Students will learn to become participates and get involved instead of standing on the side lines or allowing opportunities to slip by
    • Students will learn to laugh at themselves and with others in a manner that promotes camaraderie and team building, while managing issues related to embarrassment and shyness
    • Emphasis on service learning projects help students understand how their talents can make the world a better place

    Specific topics include but are not limited to:

    Music History/Theory
    Drawing Painting
    Installation Art
    Mixed Media
    Art History/Theory
    Performing Arts
    Set Design

    Students getting artful with Miss Diana and artist Stacie Krupa

    After School Music Programs

    Guitar and Piano

    Students may want to continue to hone their skills in the area of guitar and piano. Guitar, a popular and very successful class taught after school as well in group and in private lessons, is scheduled for classes twice a week. Piano is taught once a week. Space is limited for these popular programs so we encourage interested students to inquire about availability.

    Spanish Language Program

    Treasure Village Montessori utilizes Middlebury Interavtive Language's "powerspeak" Spanish program which addresses all levels of Spanish instruction for students who are fluent, those who have an aptitude for language, those whose parents want more Spanish education for their childre, and those who struggle learning Spanish. Middlebury Interactive Languages offers "proven language pedagogy combined with 21 Century media."

    Miss Maria and students enjoying the interactive Spanish program

    TVM faculty Maria Torres oversees the Spanish language classes at Treasure Village Montessori and embraces this innovative teaching tool hailed as a "fun and effective standards based, accredited program." Of special note; Middlebury Interactive Languages offers interactive games and reward-based activities to increase student motivation. This technology enhanced program gives educators the ability to tailor the instruction individually so that each child is maximizing their potential, instead of teaching one concept to the entire class, at the same time. Individual instruction is a cornerstone concept at TVM and all students work to surpass the minimum requirement set by the state.

    Spanish/Media Center – using multi-media and library skills, students not only gain insight and understanding of and greater tolerance for Latino cultures, they learn the basic foundational aspects of a language seen throughout the world and second in frequency in the United States.


    • Integrates presentation skills while gaining an appreciation for Spanish
    • Implements opportunities to apply acquired skills in the community
    • In learning about the Latin culture, students learn how to utilize available resources and research skills, skills they can use in variety of academic and practical life scenarios

    M.A.P.S is extraordinarily popular with TVM students. Each year new discoveries and creations abound. Collaborations with local artists and musicians including painters Stacie Lynn Krupa, Pasta Pantaleo, and musician Dave Feder have resulted in some incredible art—both still and performing, as well as awards and other recognition of the students' great work from throughout the community.

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