Parent Responsibilities and Volunteering


    “Structure is an absolutely important part of the creative life, and Emily (Yo Yo Ma's daughter)

    got this from her Montessori experience.” ~ Yo Yo Ma, Cellist


    Treasure Village Montessori Parent Responsibilities

    Excellence in education requires an extraordinary commitment on the part of the family, school and community. At Treasure Village Montessori Charter School we believe that families are ultimately responsible for their child's growth and development aided by a sound educational system. Parent involvement provides support to the inspiration that fires a love of learning.  
    Treasure Village Montessori, (TVM), parent Involvement is essential and expected. We count on you!
    A comprehensive Parent Handbook is provided to all TVM parents. It contains a wealth of detailed information about our charter school. Please use this important tool to learn what is expected of students and parents as well as the offerings of Treasure Village Montessori.

    Parent Volunteering & Guidelines

    Volunteering is an essential role of all TVM parents.


    1. The applicant must submit the completed Volunteer Application to the Principal.  Proper identification such as a driver’s license will be needed.  Volunteers must submit a new application each school year. 
    2. All applicants must register with the Monroe County VISA program, found at www.keysschools.com
    3. A file of all applicants will be maintained in the front office.
    4. All applicants will be notified of the results and volunteer status by the Principal.
    5. Upon request, volunteers may remove their names from the school’s volunteer list at any time during the school year by contacting the Principal.
    1. Report to the office to sign in and out
    2. Obtain and wear an identification badge provided by the school while volunteering
    3. Follow directions of school staff, recognizing that instructing, supervising, grading and disciplining students are the responsibility of school staff.
    4. Work collaboratively with school staff to develop and choose appropriate activities aligned with your talents.
    5. Communicate with staff members to obtain clear expectations, directions and to give feedback on volunteer activities. 
    1. DEPENDABILITY: Be responsible for your scheduled times and notify the school if you are not able to meet your commitment.
    2. RESPECT FOR AUTHORITY: Respect the authority of the school and the school administration.
    3. CONFIDENTIALITY:  Do not discuss matters concerning students with anyone but the designated school staff.
    4. IMPARTIALITY:  Do not favor any side or party in school situations.
    5. OBJECTIVITY: Do not allow your personal feelings to enter into your work as a volunteer.
    6. APPEARANCE: Dress appropriately, always remember that you are setting an example for students. 

    Classroom helpers                                       Tutors                               Fundraising helpers
    Library helpers                                             Chaperones                       Mentors
    Special events helpers                                  Gardeners                        Campus beautification

    Look for our volunteer page in mid-September.
    For now, fill out an application or call for more info: 305.852.3482 x 2.


    TVM Committees of the Board of Directors

    There are five committees of the Board of Directors designed to oversee Treasure Village Montessori Charter School's policies and procedures. Committees have been created to enhance the development and forward steps of the school. It is valuable for these committees to have volunteers from the parent body. Parents make up the vital core of our committees and fundamental the success of each. We encourage and invite members of the parent body to become involved by volunteering on committees. Please visit the Board of Directors page to learn about committees and how you may participate.  

    School Announcements & E-News

    Treasure Village Montessori strives to keep all students' parents updated about school closings, special events and other important information. In addition to mail and phone contact, TVM has an Email Newsletter program. To sign up for the news specific to your needs and interests please visit our contact page and join our Email Club.  

    If you are considering TVM for your child please read more or contact Principal Kelly Mangel


    Treasure Village Montessori's Mission
    Treasure Village Montessori nurtures a love and curiosity for learning while
    developing students’ abilities to be successful, contributing members of society.

    A Rated School | A Top Ten Performing Charter School
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