Instructional Materials

  • The Instructional Materials Department

    • K-12 Textbook Distribution and Ordering
    • Supplemental Materials Distribution
    • Dual Enrollment Textbook Reimbursement
    • Warehousing and Surplus
    • Digital Access for students and Staff


Adopted Instructional Materials

  • Social Studies Adoption 2023-2024

    • The Monroe County School District has begun the review process for the Social Studies Instructional Materials Adoption. Once available for review, the digital resources will be posted on this web page and available for review.  The core resources that have been submitted for evaluation were selected from the FLDOE 2022-2023 K-12 Social Studies Instructional Materials Adoption List
    •  Additional resources for advanced programs may be reviewed from materials listed as appropriate for the program indicated.
    • We encourage parent and community participation in our adoption process. If you would like to serve on a textbook adoption committee and formally review the resources, please contact Dr. Lori Reid at  Requests must be received by October 10, 2023.
    • Please note that the adoption committee requires a commitment to attend all meetings. The first meeting will be a training offered on October 17, 2023 via TEAMs. A second meeting will be scheduled for November 15, 2023 if needed. One member will be chosen for each grade band; K-5. 6-8, 9-12.
    • These meetings are in addition to the approximately 30 hours of individual review time.  Your participation on the committee is on a volunteer basis.
    • All meetings are open to the public. Please email for a meeting link if you would like to attend.
    • Policies and Procedure Specifications for Florida Instructional Materials Adoption  






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