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    Monroe County School Board Information

    The MISSION of the Monroe County Schools is to empower all students to become responsible and contributing global citizens.


    1.       Climate and Culture for Excellence

    2.       Outstanding Student Achievement

    3.       Effective Communication & Community Engagement

    4.       High Performing Workforce

    5.       Leader in Technology and Innovation

    6.       Accountable Resource Management

    Workshops are held on the 2nd Tuesday of each month beginning at 3:00 PM
    Regular Business meetings are held on the 4th Tuesday of each month beginning at 5:00 PM
    • All meetings are televised live.  Rebroadcasts are scheduled for 7:00 PM on the Friday following the meeting. 
    • The agendas will be linked 7 calendar days before the meeting (Tuesday before the meeting)
    • The agenda deadlines are listed on the School Board Meeting Schedule under School Board Meetings

    Special Workshop Meetings
    The School Board schedules workshop sessions prior to scheduled meetings as necessary.  These sessions provide Board members and staff the opportunity to fully discuss and explore proposals prior to the item being placed on the regular meeting agenda for action.

    Public Involvement
    The School Board welcomes public input and recognizes citizen involvement as crucial to the success of the school system. Citizens have several opportunities to address issues and share information before the School Board.
    • At each meeting, members of the public are invited to address the Board without prior notice before the adoption of the consent agenda.  CITIZEN INPUT/REQUEST(S) TO ADDRESS THE SCHOOL BOARD  ~  (The School Board cannot take action on input/request(s), but the School Board may place an item on the agenda of a subsequent meeting for action.) Presentations to the Board are limited to three (3) minutes for each individual speaker and five (5) minutes for the representative of a designated group. Transfer of time between individuals and/or groups is not permitted. Letters submitted to each Board Member and/or the Board Secretary prior to a Board Meeting will not additionally be read into the record at the meeting.
    • Another opportunity for involvement comes with each action item on the Board's agenda. Members of the audience are invited to ask questions and give input as presentations by staff are made and the Board prepares to make decisions.
    • An additional opportunity for public input is made available during the Board's workshop sessions. During these sessions the Board discusses proposals for programs, policies and budgeting. These are informal roundtable discussions with staff and interested members of the public.
    • And lastly an opportunity is open to any citizen who wishes to request that a specific item be addressed by the School Board by calling the Superintendent's Office, 305-293-1400 to request to be placed on the agenda for a specific meeting.
    School Board Meeting/Workshop Agendas are available on the School District website at www.KeysSchools.com, at each meeting and from the Office of the Superintendent of Schools at 241 Trumbo Road in Key West.

    Please be aware that all communications, including email sent to the Superintendent, School Board Members or employees of the School District, are considered public records. (Florida Statute 119.01)

School Board Members

  • District 1 - Bobby Highsmith, Board Member


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    Home:  305-923-9331
    Email:  Bobby.Highsmith@keysschools.com
    Address:  1403 Patricia Street
    Key West, Fl 33040
      District 1
    Present term began 2018 
    Present term expires 2022
    Began as Board Member 2014
    Occupation: Business Owner

    District 2 - Andy Griffiths, Board Member

    Home:  305-296-2639
    Email:  Andy.Griffiths@keysschools.com
    Address:  40 Key Haven Rd.
    Key West, FL 33040
      District 2
    Present term began 2016
    Present term expires 2020 
    Began as Board Member 1992
    Occupation: Charter Boat Fleet Owner/Manager

    District 3 - Mindy Conn, Chair

    Business:  (305)293-1400x53323
    Email:  Mindy.Conn@keysschools.com
    Address:  Sugarloaf, FL
      District 3
    Present term began 2016
    Present term expires 2020
    Began as Board Member 2016
    Occupation: Attorney and Educator 

    District 4 - John Dick, Vice Chair

    Home:  305-395-0657
    Email:  John.Dick@keysschools.com
    Address:  58346 Overseas Highway
    Marathon, FL 33050
      District 4
    Present term began 2018 
    Present term expires 2022
    Began as Board Member 2006
    Occupation: Investor

    District 5 - Dr. Sue Woltanski, Board Member

    Home:  305-240-1565
    Email:  Suzanne.Woltanski@keysschools.com
      District 5
    Present term began 2018
    Present term expires 2022
    Began as Board Member 2018
    Occupation: Doctor