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    HOB is a proud supporter of our military families and is empathetic to the unique challenges the families supporting our nation can face.  We have services to assist you whether you are experiencing a recent relocation, deployment, or reintegration.

    Academic Planning for Military Families


    Current registration packet -https://www.keysschools.com/domain/506

    Please plan to provide all necessary enrollment information, including current transcripts, recent test scores, school physical forms, and immunization records.

    To begin your journey at HOB, please contact:

    School Registrar 

    Marissa Estenoz- marissa.estenoz@keysschools.com

    Guidance Counselors

    Mr. William Robinson- bill.robinson@keysschools.com

    Mr. Christopher Bryan- christopher.bryan@keysschools.com

    MFLC School Liaison Officer - Dawn Mills 

    Contact info: Dawn.m.mills.naf@us.navy.mil

    HOB Military Family Life Counselor

    Jennifer Grace, employed by DOD

    Student Handbook

    Monroe County School District Handbook

    Horace O'Bryant School Student Handbook

    Supply Lists

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     23-24 6-8 Supply List

    Helpful Links for Your Transition

    Other helpful links for your transition to Key West:

    Fleet and Family Readiness offers information regarding moving, contacting your ombudsman, our local DEERs office, and more!



    Military One Source Active duty military resource website offering 24/7 support for service members, spouses, their families, and survivors on taxes, moving, benefits, non-medical counseling PCS, and more…


    Resources and Education for Military Students

    Information on the school’s student-led transition program

    We are pleased to offer a student-led transition program. Elementary and middle school Military Student Ambassadors will give all new military students a campus tour.  Ambassadors will meet students on their first day and guide them through their schedules.  They will introduce your child to other military students and give them the inside scoop on all the clubs and activities.  Our guidance staff will check in with new military students within the first few weeks of their attendance to ensure the new students are acclimating academically, socially, and emotionally. 

    MFLC program

    (video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n2qxL7wdCRQ 

    The Military and Family Life Counseling Program helps military families and children navigate challenges with free face-to-face support.

    Child and youth behavioral military and family life counselors, or CYB-MFLCs, provide confidential non-medical counseling services to children and youth up to age 18 in groups and individually. They also offer support to families, staff, and support personnel. Working with a counselor can help improve behavior performance in school and relationships.

    MFLCs are master’s or doctorate-level licensed counselors who may:

    •Provide consultation support to parents and caregivers, childcare providers, teachers, and administrators on the healthy development of children and youth

    •Model evidence-based intervention approaches

    •Assist educators with strategies for cultivating a deeper understanding of the factors that shape social-emotional development

    •Conduct classroom observations

    Services are private and confidential except in situations that involve domestic violence, child abuse, sexual assault, or otherwise necessitate a duty to warn.

    MFLCs provide support on topics including, but not limited to:

    Feelings identification



    •Separation from parents

    • Problem-solving

    •Sibling and parent relationships

    •Time management

    •Deployment and reunification


     Military Recognition Events


    January NAS Boca Chica’s “Pilot for a Day” program

    Selected middle school students are selected to spend the days as a pilot. They receive a customized flight suit with patches (VCF-111, SAR, and all the major facilities on Boca Chica Field), try out the flight simulator, and have lunch at the Airlanes.


    February - MCEC Call for the Arts program

    Our students are invited to enter the MCEC Call for the Arts program.  The program invites military-connected children from all over the world, representing every branch of service, to share interpretations through the art of what it means to be a military-connected child. In 2023, one of our middle school students won the Artist Spotlight Award for writing and singing a song called #lifeofamilitarykid. She won money and was flown out to sing at the MCEC Global Training Summit in Washington, DC.


        April: Month of the Military Child (video)

      HOB is grateful to all of our military families. As we celebrate the Military Child, we recognize that while our parents are each doing their part to keep us safe, our military kids can be found making a positive difference and keeping the peace in our school community. With our MFLC program, our kids have created a peace garden where they grow positive thoughts along with flowers, choose to be part of an anti-bully program, take each day to speak gratitude, speak kindly to themselves and others, create positive relationships, and more. Please enjoy this video of a small part of the big positive difference the kids make.

    While military members serve around the world, people often forget the challenges faced by their children, but we at HOB do not. Throughout April, we celebrate how our military kids make a positive difference at our school. 


    April-Purple Up Day

     All students will be encouraged to wear purple for Purple Up Day to recognize the sacrifices made by our service members and their families.

      November: Veteran’s Day

      HOB holds an annual Veterans Day breakfast honoring our service men and women with performances from our elementary and middle school, our band playing, and prestigious speakers who      educate us all.  On our 2023 Veterans Day, we had Commander Regoli and jet pilots from VFC-111 educate our students on teamwork and a positive attitude. 

    Veterans Day Parade

    HOB participates in our Veterans Day Parade, celebrating our service men and women and inviting all military-connected families to participate in our float. 


    All year - Peace Garden

    Our Military Family Life Counselor and military students have inspired others around the school to plant seeds of goodness in our Peace Garden.  The students learn about growth and taking care of nature by planting sunflowers.  They also learn how to plant a “seed of goodness” in their own mind by choosing a positive thought that they will nourish and grow.  Each day, the students water and speak kindly to their plants. They also take this time to speak kindly to themselves and allow the positive thoughts they choose to grow into a habit for their success.   

    picture of peace gardenpeace gardenPicture of military kids with plants

     Mental Health Services

    Information on the mental health challenges facing military students, including ways to access school-based mental health services.

    Fleet and Family Support offers:



    Work and Family Life (WFL)

    WFL programs directly support mission readiness by preparing service members and their families for the physical, emotional, interpersonal, and logistical demands of the military lifestyle. Our programs and services include:


    Counseling, Advocacy and Prevention (CAP)

    CAP programs provide individual, group and family counseling, victim intervention and related prevention education and awareness programs.


    Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program (SAPR)

    Sexual Assault Prevention and Response (SAPR) provides sexual assault awareness and prevention education, victim advocacy, response coordination, case management and incident data collection to active-duty personnel, adult family members and commands.


    Integrated Primary Prevention (IPP)

    Integrated Primary Prevention (IPP) promotes protective factors and reduces risk factors among individuals, within relationships, and organizations through policies, programs, and practices. Commander, Navy Installations Command’s (CNIC’s) Integrated Primary Prevention Workforce (IPPW) focuses on risk and protective factors that impact two or more harmful behaviors.


    Guidance Care Center


    Celebrating 50 Years of Serving the Florida Keys

    Guidance/Care Center, Inc. (GCC) provides behavioral health services, education, and support to benefit:

    -People of all incomes and walks of life

    -Adults, children, and families

    -Persons experiencing issues with mental health and/or substance abuse problems

    -Persons in crisis

    -Adults with serious and persistent mental illness

    -Mothers and fathers working to be better parents

    -Children and youth with a behavior problem

    GCC works collaboratively with other agencies, schools, private providers, law enforcement, hospitals, and other behavioral health providers to support and enhance the benefits to our clients, consumers, and other stakeholders. Services available to women and pregnant women receive preference. GCC serves all clients regardless of inability to pay. Discounts for essential services are offered based on family size and income.


    Military Child Education Coalition (MCEC)


    The Military Child Education Coalition provides programs and resources to address the unique educational challenges that face military-connected children.

    Sesame Street for Military Families


    Sesame Street for Military Families offers family support services, kids' learning sites, and other resources for military children, which help all military service families build the skills they need to be resilient.

    Military Kids Now 2020 Survey

    This report summarizes the initial analysis of the survey results, highlighting trends, challenges, and areas where support is most needed. The depth and richness of the survey results will doubtless lead to further analysis to better understand the needs and challenges of military-connected students, their parents, and the professionals who support them.

    Military Child Resources for parents, teachers, and students


    Follow this link for essential digital resources for students, parents, education professionals, and influencers. They are available in multiple formats: videos, webinars, and downloadable documents.

    Exceptional Student Education Services


    • Dr. Lesley Thompson, Director
      Phone: 305-293-1400, ext. 53378
      Email: lesley.thompson@keyysschools.com

      From Dr. Lesley Thompson, Director of Exceptional Student Education:

      Welcome to the Exceptional Student Education Department! We provide the essential support and services for students with special needs. Our programs encompass a wide span of abilities, from severe/moderate/mild disabilities to gifted education. We have a team approach that provides for students and their families as well as school administrators and teachers. We work with educators, families, and community partners to meet the challenges that our special needs students face. We welcome your questions and are happy to assist you in any way we can. In order to best help us meet your needs, please use our ESE Staff Directory to determine which staff member can best meet your area of inquiry.

    Monroe County School District Services


    Horace O’Bryant School

    Katherine Fernandez 
    Diagnostic Staffing Specialist, Grades 1 - 8
    Exceptional Student Education
    (305) 296 – 5628, ext. 65327