Amy Stanton - Mathematics

As a new member of the curriculum team I am enjoying the Monroe County School District and the wonderful people. Before moving here, I have been a teacher (5th grade), an Instructional Science/Math Coach (High School), a Program Specialist for the North East Consortium, and an Elementary School Principal.  I am passionate about all education! Currently, I love to talk about math! I love learning new ways (and old ways) for students to learn.

 I am the coordinator of Math for Monroe County.  I am here to support the teachers, schools, and administration in all areas of math and more.

  I am happy to assist in the areas of instructional materials and instructional technology.  I want to streamline information to teachers that can help them without overburdening them. I want to provide opportunities for us to learn from each other about math instruction to include standard-based instruction, technology integration and explore best mathematical practices. I enjoy being a part of the math classrooms!