Employee Spotlight: Jessica Caton


Employee spotlight Jessica CatonEmployee Spotlight: Jessica Caton, Teacher, Gerald Adams Elementary School.

As an elementary school teacher, Jessica is kept busy! We asked her if she enjoys any hobbies after a hectic week and she tells us that she “loves baking sugar-free treats and sharing them!” Mmm… that sounds like a delicious hobby! So, if she loves good foods what’s her favorite? Good ol’ mozzarella sticks! What about some her top 5 favorite things? She says that she loves to spend time with her family; support and attend community events; she loves to listen to contemporary Christian music; watching sunsets (and the Keys is the best place for that); and lastly she tells us that she loves “all things math!” We asked Jessica what she likes about working for MCSD and she responded, “ I love working with amazing educators that go above and beyond for our students, and seeing how far our students can excel in life!”