February 25th Employee Spotlight: Lou Gillespie!

February 25th Employee Spotlight: Lou GillespieSpotlight, February 25th: Self-Contained Exceptional Student Education (ESE) Teacher at Sugarloaf School

How does Lou, a.k.a "Ms. G", let down after a hectic week in the classroom? With her top five favorites: her boys (Lake & Xander), adventures in nature, listening to music, roller skating, and yoga. What about hobbies? She tells us that she enjoys a variety of hobbies - boxing, paddle boarding, personal training, and writing poetry and children's books! She sure stays healthy and active, so what is Lou's favorite food? She tells us that she loves Thai food! Lastly, we asked her what she likes about working for MCSD. "I love having the opportunity to work with such a diverse group of students and staff. I truly believe that we are "one human family", and I enjoy seeing that unity being manifested in my classroom and school community."