February 11, 2022 Employee Spotlight: SUSAN BAZIN

Susan Bazin, Employee SpotlightFebruary 11, 2022 Spotlight, February 11th, 2022: SUSAN BAZIN, Band Director and Music Teacher – Key Largo School

Susan's list of favorite things includes: sharing her musical talents with students and vice-versa. She says, "Teaching music also means teaching responsibility, manners, leadership, confidence, and camaraderie... Lifelong skills we all need to be successful." She also loves playing flute in the orchestra, Sunday mornings on the boat watching the sunrise, also her husband and cat (Grrtroode). She stays active with great hobbies such as kayaking, biking and camping. How about a favorite food? "Pickles", which is also her clown name! Lastly we asked Susan why she likes working for MCSD and she says, "My job gives me the opportunity to reach a lot of students and inspire them to accomplish great things... Allowing me to inspire children in the first stages of their musical discovery is a remarkable privilege."