Theresa Axford becomes the new Monroe County Superintendent of Schools

Theresa Axford becomes the New Monroe County Superintendent of Schools


On Saturday, August 1st, Theresa Axford becomes Monroe County’s new Superintendent of Schools, taking over for Mark Porter who has held the post since 2012. She will make history as the first female Superintendent of Schools for the southernmost county. She takes over during a challenging time as schools nationwide plan for a safe return to education for the country’s school-aged children.
“I want to thank Mark Porter for establishing a solid foundation of professionalism in our school district,” said Axford. “It is because we have this solid foundation, and a great leadership team, that we are able to move through the necessary changes and challenges that go along with planning for a safe return to school in these tumultuous times.” Read the entire article in our MCSD Blog:  News and Information about Florida Keys Schools