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School Board GEMs Recognition



Ms. Lowe -POI

Ms. Krishna Lowe

Krishna Lowe was Horace O'Bryant School's Virtual Victor and GEM for our 2020 transition to virtual instruction.   Mrs. Lowe is known as our Mary Poppins of Kindergarten and as we transitioned to our online instruction, she navigated under chartered waters with outstanding student engagement in our virtual platform.  We received numerous emails from parents commending Mrs. Lowe on her commitment to continuing to instruct during challenging times especially for kindergarten. 


Quote from the parent, "My youngest, Avery, has Mrs. Lowe as his teacher and he happened to have his lesson this morning playing aloud.  Instead of quickly getting on him to put on his headphones like the others, I paused my work and looked over my screen. He stood up and started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance, to a Flag that he had placed on the wall apparently last week.  Then I heard Mrs. Lowe talking on the computer addressing her class just as if they were in the classroom.  Avery was engaged and participating, answering back to his screen.  At times Mrs. Lowe would call out kids names at random acknowledging their answers as if she could see and hear them. You should have seen the look on Avery’s face when she called his name after he answered a question.   Really I thought I was listening to an episode of Blues Clues with the way Mrs. Lowe was interacting with her class. 


mike forster gem

Mr. Mike Forster 


During the week of no food distribution, June 1-5, Mike   Forster, of Mangrove Mike's Endeavors and his team, stepped up to provide hot lunches for the families at KLS and PKS.  He has also been brining palettes of fresh produce for our families.  Mangrove Mike's Endeavors


wyker POI gem

Ms. Martha Wyker

Martha has always been a dedicated teacher, who without Students in her classroom due to COVID-19, found different ways to meet the diverse needs of her EL students and families. Martha drove to each of her students' home to assist them and their parent(s) access our EL curriculum via Imagine Learning. She demonstrated great patience as some families required hours of 1:1 technology support and daily calls of encouragement. However, her support didn't stop with Imagine Learning. She transformed our art classroom into a food distribution site where her friends and she made weekly food and toiletry deliveries to our most needy families. In order to reduce the potential academic gap for our EL learners she ensured that their basic needs were met first. We are blessed to have Martha Wyker as a dedicated teacher at Poinciana Elementary School.