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Monroe COMPUTE$ Awards $87,000 to MCSD Students in 2018-2019


Monroe COMPUTE$ Awards $87,000 to MCSD Students in 2018-2019

Pledges $145,000 more this school year! 


MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – “Monroe County School District computer science students finished the school year with over 700 Internet Technology (IT) industry certifications for the 2018-2019 school year,” according to Theresa Axford, MCSD Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.  “District students earned almost 300 more certifications than last school year’s totals, bringing Monroe COMPUTE$ prizes to $87,000, year to date.  Much of this growth can be attributed to the generous incentives provided by Monroe COMPUTE$ which rewards students for earning certifications with cash prizes.  The prizes ranged from $50 to $500 depending on the difficulty of the certification exam.  In addition to the industry certification exam incentives, Monroe COMPUTE$ also awarded 29 students with $250 incentives for passing Advanced Placement Computer Science end of course exams.


“The District has seen huge growth in its computer science program in the past few years,” explained Superintendent Mark Porter. “We are continuing to add courses and new certifications to meet industry and student demand.  Students earning computer certifications have an advantage after graduation, as many of these certifications count for college credit.   In addition, industry certified students entering the workplace after high school graduation can expect to earn an average of $16,000 more per year than those students without certifications.”


“We have added several new computer science courses and certifications to our middle and high school curriculum,” explained Sibba Mira, MCSD Career and Technical Education Coordinator, “With the help of Monroe COMPUTE$, we anticipate another record setting year.” There is still time to enroll in many of the computer science courses.  Students interested in enrolling in these courses should contact their individual school guidance counselors to discuss their options.


“The grant for Monroe COMPUTES is being increased to $145,000,” said John Padget, co-founder of the Golden Fleece Foundation.  “Eager students should speak to their middle and high school teachers and get enrolled for the new school year.”