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Mr. Alan Garcia Announced as 2018-2019 District Related Employee of the Year

MONROE COUNTY, Fla. – Monroe County School District Officials are proud to announce Mr. Alan Garcia, transportation mechanic and driver in the upper keys as the 2018-2019 School Related Employee of the Year.

Mr. Garcia is a Florida Association of Pupil Transportation certified school bus mechanic and a certified Department of Education school bus inspector.  He serves as part of a two man garage, working outdoors doing bus repairs and inspections in the Upper Keys. 

The MCSD transportation team transports thousands of students daily, with some bus mechanics like Mr. Garcia taking on driver roles in the wake of a national bus driver shortage.

Mr. Garcia said his coworkers work hard and motivate him to do the best he can. “I feel so glad. I want to say thanks to all my coworkers for choosing me as the best worker of the year. I think, we are all good workers and we try to give the best in our jobs.  For me it is an honor to know that you appreciate me and the way I work.  When someone says ‘you did a good job today’ this is a motivational phrase that could be used daily to keep all employees motivated.  Work is a part of our lives that we can enjoy too.  We have ups and downs and we just need to deal with them.” 

He has worked with the Upper Keys Transportation department as a mechanic and driver for the past five years. Plantation Key School staff and students nominated Mr. Garcia, because of his versatility: his ability to work on the buses and drive them. His willingness to help students and staff in any way possible, his dedication to safely getting students to and from school, and his determination to keep the buses in shape, are just some of the ways his coworkers recognize his hard work. Upper Keys Transportation Coordinator Angela Davis, said he is reliable when it is short-staffed and can always be count on as a committed member to the MCSD Transportation team.

Transportation Supervisor Randy Fabal said Mr. Garcia contributes his to a hard-working team. Mr. Fabal added, his skills and service to students are what makes his work stand out. “Alan was a great addition to our Upper Keys staff both as a mechanic and a bus driver when needed.  It would be difficult to operate effectively without him.”

Superintendent Mark Porter said Mr. Garcia’s dedication and commitment to ensuring MCSD students arrive safely to and from school is a testament to his commitment to “Be The One”. “The number one priority of all of our employees is to ensure student safety and success. Mr. Garcia’s double duties as bus mechanic and driver aligns with what it means in the Monroe County Schools to serve as needed and to go above and beyond while doing so.”

The following employees were also recognized for their outstanding service to the district:


Clerical/Office Support | Diana Lorenz, Office Manager, Exceptional Student Education Department

Food Services | Kenya Lopez-Quintana, Cafeteria Worker, Coral Shores High School

Maintenance | Sterling “SG” Paul, Carpenter, Maintenance, Upper Keys

Technology/IT | Ron Batalier, Technology Technician, District-Wide

Teacher Support | Irevi Troncoso, Paraprofessional, Coral Shores High School


Mr. Garcia returned to the Monroe County Schools five years ago to work in the district. His application will now be reviewed by Florida Department of Education officials. Officials will consider school related employee nominations from the 67 school districts throughout the state. For more information about the district’s transportation program, go to