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MCSD Families Can Access Application For Disaster Assistance

Samuel's House and KeysStrong have received awards available for community members in need of grant funding for post Irma recovery.


The following services are available:


Red Cross - Recovery in the Keys | Access to a Licensed Clinical Social Worker

Volunteer Florida (Florida Disaster Funds) | Specifically for home repairs and bulding efforts with a threshold of up to $20,000 per home

Red Cross Intermediate Needs | Grant funding available for basic needs like clothing, hygiene, medical services, lease and rental assistance, security deposits, mortgage assistance, utlities assistance, and other related items.

Red Cross Rebuilding in the Keys | Funding is available and awarded to help with rebuilding and repairs to homes with a threshold of $16,500 per residence.


Access the application at


For more information and assistanxe, call or text Elmira Leto at (305) 434-6564.