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District empowers students through MAGS

student group In a groundbreaking move towards enhancing student voice and leadership within the education system, Superintendent Theresa Axford has launched the Monroe Association of Governing Students (MAGS) initiative. This initiative, introduced in the current school year, aims to amplify student opinions and provide a platform for proactive leadership among high school students in Monroe County.

MAGS comprises elected representatives from each of the three high schools in the county, with four members elected from each school by their peers. These student leaders have been actively engaged in discussions and initiatives to improve the educational experience for all students throughout the district.

One of the key achievements of MAGS has been the development of content for educational videos addressing critical issues such as anti-vaping. Recognizing the importance of promoting healthy behaviors, the student representatives have also raised concerns regarding the effectiveness of the district's current healthy living videos, leading to constructive dialogues and potential revisions.

In a recent presentation to the School Board, MAGS members articulated their perspectives and concerns about various aspects of the school environment, demonstrating a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities within the education system. Additionally, they have undergone leadership training facilitated by the Covey Institute, enriching their capabilities to enact positive change within their schools and communities.

Christian McPherson, Executive Director of Student Support, serves as the district sponsor for MAGS, providing guidance and support to the student leaders. Superintendent Axford expressed her confidence in the potential impact of MAGS, stating, "I have high expectations that MAGS will evolve into a group whose influence on education in Monroe County will be advantageous for all students. Their leadership will pave the way for addressing student needs in a meaningful and effective manner."

As MAGS continues to flourish, the Monroe County School District remains committed to fostering an environment where student voice is valued, and student leadership is cultivated to create positive outcomes for the entire community.