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District receives $2,000,000 award as part of multi-faceted plan to build housing for teachers

Representative Jim Mooney, Superintendent Theresa Axford, Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez, Board Chair Andy Griffiths in front of Bruce Hall with the 2 million dollar check from the State of Florida. In a momentous stride towards bolstering affordable housing initiatives, Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez and State Representative Jim Mooney have successfully secured a vital $2 million allocation from the State Legislature. This allocation marks a pivotal step in the planned transition of Trumbo Point, with the ultimate goal of unlocking land for the creation of much-needed affordable housing. The initiative holds particular significance as it pioneers support for affordable housing tailored to teachers' needs, marking the first of several planned funding requests.

Senator Rodriguez and Representative Mooney's tireless dedication and unwavering advocacy have propelled this crucial allocation through the legislative process. Their commitment to addressing the pressing issue of affordable housing showcases their genuine concern for the community's welfare and future. The allocated funds represent the initial phase of a comprehensive $20 million budget earmarked for the Trumbo Point transition project, further underlining the leaders' forward-thinking approach to sustainable housing development.

Community leaders, educators, and advocates alike are joining in celebration of this milestone achievement. The groundwork laid by Senator Ana Maria Rodriguez and State Representative Jim Mooney serves as a beacon of hope for both present and future generations, emphasizing the power of purposeful collaboration in advancing housing accessibility. As additional funding requests follow suit, the community stands united in anticipation of the positive transformations this project will bring.