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KWHS Text Tips

Safety is first at KWHS and we have taken several steps to ensure our campus is safe.  Our SRO, Officer Del Cid, is on campus from start to finish of each school day with additional officers on campus during lunch.  The extra police are there to build relationships, mentor the students and help to maintain a safe environment.  Staff are throughout the campus at supervision stations during the day and we ask all visitors to check in at the office for clearance.  The gates on campus are locked at 7:45 and reopened before school is out with the front gate the main entrance point.  Students have been through an Active Threat presentation to help them make decisions should they ever face such a situation at school or anywhere.  This presentation is available for viewing by parents on our website.  We have practiced fire drills and lock down drills as well as spent a day dedicated to character education lessons, all in an effort to promote a healthy, positive, safe environment for our students to be their best.  Our See Something, Say Something campaign urges students to tell an adult on campus if they hear, see or suspect something that is suspicious, doesn’t seem right or if they are concerned about a person’s well-being.  The Text Tip number for anonymous reporting is  305-432-3311.


Click here for the Text tips poster