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Inclusion Teacher of the Year

Congratulations to James Forbus from Key West High School for being selected as the Monroe County School District Inclusion Teacher of the Year for 2016!

School Winners are:
Key Largo Elementary Nancy Simoga
Key Largo Middle Kirsten Burns
Plantation Key Elementary  Christine Crispino
Plantation Key Middle Selina Doyal Corliss
Coral Shores High Clara Rife
Marathon Middle Jeffrey Cox
Marathon High Anthony Paul Davis
Stanley Switlik Kirsten Lyons
Sugarloaf Megan Vazquez
Sugarloaf Middle Joe Dallas
Gerald Adams Guinevere Geradot
Poinciana Elementary Deanna Dall
Horace O'Bryant Jalynn Frazier
Horace O'Bryant Cheryle Truhan
Key West High Jim Forbus
Key West Collegiate Thomas Rompella