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Federal Impact Aid Survey


FOCUS Parent Portal

Dear, parents,

The Monroe County Schools are entitled to certain federal monies if either mother, father, or guardian of the student is employed on certain Federal Properties is on active full-time duty in the Uniformed Services if they live in a federal housing project or any combination of these requirements. To collect this money, the Monroe County School District must be able to substantiate our claim with a request on the Impact Aid form available to you on the Parent/guardian portal through FOCUS. Please fill out the student information on the Impact Aid Form. • One form should be filled out for each student that is attending any Monroe County Schools; please make sure all information is completed before you click submit. • Federal Housing. Please see the list of federal housing on the survey form. Please select one that applies to you. • If either parent or guardian is a civilian employed on federal property, fill in the civilian information and select from a list of federal properties that apply to you; if the property name is not listed, please fill in the blank. • If either parent or guardian is on active duty in the uniformed services, fill in the uniformed services information; Branch of Service and Rate/Rank must be entered. • If either parent or guardian is on active duty and an officer in the foreign military, fill in the Foreign Military information; Branch of Service Rate/Rank and name of a foreign government must be entered. • If none of the questions apply, fill the student information section and submit your form to verify that you have seen the Survey Form, and it does not apply to you. The requested information is the required information by the Federal Government to receive the money for operating our schools. Your help is needed to obtain these necessary funds. Please log-in to your parent portal and fill out the form by 01/07/2022; if you have any questions or need any assistance in completing this survey form. Please, contact Alina Figueroa @ 305-293-1400 x 53346.