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If and when you or your student checks grades in Focus, please be mindful of the following:
X has been used as a placeholder previously to mean
exempt. With online teaching/learning, we will be using the X,
but it will no longer mean exempt. It will now stand for either
not attempted or has not mastered.
 If a student has not attempted an assignment, there will be an X placed in the gradebook.
 If a student did the assignment but did not reach the level of mastery, an X
will be used and the will be able to redo the assignment to reach the level of mastery.
 Teachers will communicate with students if they need to redo an
If you or your student is being contacted about missing
assignments, it’s because we care! We want to help overcome
technology issues or any confusion while remaining sensitive to specific needs and situations. We’re learning with your kids as we
go. Thank you for your continued support and patience!