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Coral Shores Starts A/B Face-to-Face Instruction on Monday, September 14th.


Coral Shores Starts A/B face-to-face instruction on Monday, September 14th.  Students will follow a normal 7-period bell schedule.

  • Students designated A will attend face-to-face on Monday the 14th  and B face-to-face  on Tuesday the 15th and alternate through the week and into the next week following the same alternating days.
  • Students are expected to log in, participate and complete all assignments when they are working remotely from home.
  • Teachers will inform students of the procedures for instruction during remote non face-to-face days during their final 2 days of virtual classes this week.
  • Students and parents are reminded to make sure that masks are worn when riding the bus and are on when students arrive on campus and are only to be removed when eating and drinking in designated areas.
  • Students must social distance following all building guidelines for travel to and from school  and how to move in the building during.
  • Students must wash and sanitize hands frequently and follow seating and sanitization procedures in each classroom.
  • All normal dress code requirements are to be followed and those guidelines are extended to masks, they must be school appropriate.
  • If students are driving to school they must park in designated spots labeled S, they may not park in any space marked  with a V or T those are reserved for visitor and teacher parking only.
  • There is no off-campus lunch at this time, students should bring their own lunch or dine in the cafeteria. All breakfast and lunch are free until December 18th so take advantage of the cafeteria options that are available.


Students who attended orientation have been provided guidelines for all social distancing measures we will follow in our face-to-face instruction.

If you were not in attendance for orientation you can cover the essential information listed below.

Below are the items that students should be familiar with prior to arriving on campus Monday the 14th .  We will revisit and cover in detail in our face to face classroom throughout the week.


Below are links to the:


COVID Procedure PowerPoint used at orientation 

COVID Procedure PowerPoint  (mp4  format) used at orientation 


Normal Bell Schedule student will follow both in person and at home during AB instruction


Dress Code