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Mrs. Rachel Osbon selected as our 2019-2020 Teacher of the Year.

Ms. Osborn teaches Kindergarten and takes on many other roles at our school as well. She currently is one of the faculty sponsors of our cheerleading squad, our Start with Hello program coordinator, a literacy team member, a member of our AVID team and one of the leaders of our School Sunshine Committee.

As our Start with Hello program coordinator, Ms. Osborn also sponsors our Safe Promise Club. Ms. Osborn and her club members along with support from MCSO coordinated a school wide event on Unity Day, all students and staff spelled out Be Kind on the school field and an aerial photo documented the event. 

Ms Osborn's diverse teaching style reaches all students by incorporating research based teaching strategies and technology into her classroom instruction. 

Congratulations to all teachers nominated this year and we are proud to have Mrs. Osborn represent Sugarloaf School as our Teacher of the Year.