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Vincent Sustayta Yanez Wins $500 Art Contest

Celebrating the Winner

PKS is proud to announce the winner of the Florida Winn-Dixie grocery bag contest.  Vincent Sustayta's beautiful artwork was chosen for the front of the new Winn-Dixie shopping bags.  Vincent is a 5th grade student in Mrs. Hart's class.  Vincent has shown extraordinary artistic talent since Kindergarten.  Vincent exemplifies a Plantation Key School student as he is always focused, attentive,  polite, and a good friend to everyone.  In addition to having his artwork on all new Winn-Dixie shopping bags Vincent won $500.00.   Additionally, Vincent won $500.00 for Plantation Key School.  A representative from Corporate Winn-Dixie, our local Winn-Dixie manager and a Florida State Parks representative all came to PKS to throw an ice cream sundae party in honor of Vincent and his friends in PKS 5th grade Art Club. Winn-Dixie also donated 100 shopping bags may of which Vincent autographed.  On Earth Day Vincent gave out free shopping bags with his design to all the lucky shoppers at Tavernier Winn-Dixie. 

Congratulations Vincent!