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EOC Dates and Study Aides

Bio EOC will be administered at MHS on May 10 and 11 (half the alphabet tests on the 10th and half the following day.  The test should take several hours, but you can have as much time as you need.  Most people finish before lunch.  There are approximately 60 multiple choice questions.  About 20% are easy; about 20% are hard, and about 60% are medium difficulty.  You should be reviewing all of your old tests in preparation for the EOC.  Please go through the text book, look at all the pictures and read their captions.  Other review materials include the EOC Benchmark PowerPoints at the bottom of this page, Biology Crash Course Videos; Bozeman Science Biology videos, and FLVS Biology EOC review videos.  You will receive other review worksheets in class.  ​