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MHS Faculty completes the Keys 100 ultra team marathon!

Current and former faculty at Marathon High School (plus the Senior Project Manager responsible for our new athletic facilities) took to US 1 to represent our school and our community in the Keys 100 Ultra Marathon this past weekend. If you see any of these people out and about today please give them a big shout out for rocking the Keys 100. It was a day of tears, rain, and humidity but "The Fantastic Five..... and Rob" got it completed in 17 Hours, 58 Minutes, and 49 Seconds! A big shout goes to Haley Winegardner for being the permanent driver and expertly maneuvering the van through all the crazy parking lots.

keys 100

Pictured from left to right: Marshall Quarles, Taylor Quarles, Jennifer Garcia, Jeannette Medero, Stacy Davis, Haley Winegardner, Rob Driscoll