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The Countdown is ON for SENIORS!

Senior Countdown List
What seniors should be doing in the last semester of high school? 
  1. BEWARE OF "SENIORITIS". Grades, attendance, and behavior matter until your last day of school! Don’t risk your accomplishments by making short-sighted and poor decisions.
  2. PLEASE let Mrs. Estenoz know of your post-high school plans, any college acceptances, special programs and/or scholarship offers (including amounts). Don’t have a plan yet? That is perfectly acceptable. Now is the time to meet with her to make one!
  3. Follow up on items needed for colleges, universities or the military, if applicable, including paperwork, confirmation and housing deposits, financial aid, meal plans, medical forms, etc. Sign up for and participate in New Student Orientation Programs. Pay attention to electronic communications from schools and follow up promptly!
  4. February - April 2023 - Check the Weekly Local Scholarship Update for opportunities. See Mrs. Estenoz for applications, complete requirements, and submit them in advance of deadlines. Continue to work on Florida Bright Futures eligibility requirements, including community service, ACT/SAT, GPA and grad requirements, if applicable.
  5. Beginning in January, be sure to verify your name for your high school diploma with the Registrar (Miss Ivy).
  6. May  - Submit Final Transcript Requests to be sent to the college or university you will attend after high school to the Data Specialist (Mrs. Darnell by the end of May). If you took Dual Enrollment at CFK, you must request those transcripts from CFK to be sent to your college or university if not attending CFK after high school.
  7. April - May - Prepare for AP and Final Exams as well as ACT/SAT (if applicable). Be sure to send AP, ACT and SAT scores to your college through the College Board or ACT websites.
  8. May - Attend Class Night and Senior/Graduation Activities. KWHS and the community support a variety of activities and events to celebrate you, your high school careers, and your accomplishments. If you receive a scholarship, it is important that you follow up with a thank you letter to the donor/organization that selected you! Thank a teacher, counselor or administrator that helped you achieve your goals!
  9. HAVE FUN. BE SAFE. ENJOY – high school is almost over. Go out into the world and continue to do great things and make KWHS and the community proud!
Lydia Estenoz
305-293-1549 ext. 54307