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    Freshman Seminar
    Mrs. Alena McNew
    305-853-3222 ext. 56342
    Mr. Pat Meyers
    305-853-3222 ext. 56337
    Mrs. Joy Harden
    305-853-3222 ext. 56325
    Course Description: Freshman Seminar is designed to cover the myriad of topics that a new high school student needs to know for social and academic success. Lessons range from stressing the importance of school spirit, to learning effective note taking and study skills, to getting along with others, to writing college applications, and much more.
    Content and Curriculum: This is a brand new course to Coral Shores High School so this may not be an all-inclusive list because curriculum will change based on the needs of the students in class. Each of the following modules has specific objectives designed to cover the many social and academic issues and topics that students need to be successful in high school. 
    Module #1: High School Survival Skills
    Module #2: Building Relationships
    Module #3: Making the Grade
    Module #4: Who Am I?
    Module #5: Learning to Work with Others
    Module #6:  Crunch Time Test taking
    Module #7: Don’t be a Bully!
    Module #8: Leadership
    Module #9: Safe &Healthy Decisions
    Module #10: The Future
    In addition to the modules, we will also be working on project-based learning experiences called Missions. Students will be in the driver’s seat to make a difference for their school, their community, and their futures! Each mission requires purposeful research, planning, and teamwork and can’t be finished without the creation of an authentic product that solves a real problem. The goal is to make students the decision makers and the problem solvers – all to ease the transition into high school and make it a great experience! 
    Mission #1: School Spirit – How Can We Make It Happen?
    Mission #2: Bullying – How Can We be Bully FREE?
    Mission #3: Leadership – Can We All Be Leaders?
    Mission #4: Safe & Healthy Decisions – Is It Worth the Risk?
           Group Activities Wish List
    Dixie Cups
    Masking Tape
    Yarn Spools
    Index Cards
    Paper Clips
    Rubber Bands
    Chart Paper
    Playing Cards
    Toilet Paper
    Paper Grocery Bags
    Copy Paper
    Pens/ Pencils
    Blank Nametags
    Large Candy Bards
    Assorted Wrapped Candy
    Liquid Soap
    Surgical Masks
    Children’s Books
    Golf Balls
    Hula Hoops
    Gum Drops