• Edmodo for Beginners
    By Nancy Truesdale
    ​CSHS Tech PLC
    English IV
    AP Macroeconomics

    When I began preparing to teach AP Macroeconomics, I realized the volume of material I needed to deliver in the space of a one semester course was going to be challenging.  It became clear to me that the easiest solution would be to put the lessons in a digital classroom so students could preview them prior to class and refer back to them for help or if they miss class. Consequently, I set up a virtual classroom using Edmodo.  If you are considering using Edmodo, let me help you get started. More...

    Remind (formerly Remind101)
    By Rebekah Susa
    CSHS Tech PLC
    ​English I

    Remind is an excellent tool for reminding both students and parents about upcoming assignments, tests, and any other communication you want to relay after school. Students text a certain number with the message Remind tells you to give them, and they are automatically signed up for reminders. More...

    An Introduction to Blackboard                                                 
    By Kathleen O’Connor
    CSHS Tech PLC
    English II

    Blackboard is a program I have been using for the past eight years.  Every year it seems to have been revised and gotten even better.  It has numerous similarities to Edmodo and Google Classroom but just a little bit more in my opinion.  More...

    By Brandi DeHart
    ​CSHS Tech PLC
    American History / AP Psych

    Does grading papers take up your time?  Sure, you can use expensive Scantrons and hopefully be able to get to the office while it is open to get the items graded, but that is a hassle.  Zipgrade is a tool you can use to quickly grade papers without the cost and time frame limits.
    Zipgrade is an app you can download on your phone or tablet; it’s in the Apple store and Google play store for android.   Once you have it on your device, you can try it out for free with 100 scans (papers).  After the free scans you can purchase unlimited tests and scans for one year for $6.99, but trust me, it is worth it!
    You will need to go to zipgrade.com to print out answer sheets (for free, which you can copy).  The answer sheet comes in 3 forms: 20-question answer sheet, 50-question answer sheet, and 100-question answer sheet.  You don’t have to use all 20, 50, or 100 questions on the answer sheet, you only use what you need.  For example, if I was giving a 15 question quiz, I would use the 20-question sheet, but only fill in the fifteen answers that I used in my key.
    Next, you log into your app, create a new quiz and plug in your answers and you are ready to scan those papers!  The app gives you the grade, how many and which answers are wrong. Correct answers are shown in green, wrong answers are highlighted in red, and it highlights the correct answer in yellow.   It also gives you the option to take a look at an item analysis to see which questions were commonly missed.  You can also export PDF or CSV reports.