• The CSHS Community Service Program
    Community involvement is critical to success in education. Student participation in community service activities builds an awareness of society and a connection between classroom and real world issues. Community service is a method through which students learn about and develop a commitment to addressing needs in their communities. There are no community service hours required for Graduation, however is very helpful in getting accepted to college and in applying for scholarships.
    Community service is strongly encouraged throughout high school.

    If you wish be added to the list of Supervisors eligible to sign off Coral Shores High School community service hours Read the Community Service Program and fill out the attached sheet. Click Here For the Document.

    1. Services for which a student or an organization that a student belongs to
    receives financial/or other substantial compensation will not be counted. This
    would include revenues from ticket sales or donations. For example, participation
    in a car wash sponsored by a club would not count as community service. An
    exception to this guideline would be if the organization is donating the profits
    to a bonafide charity. For example, the school chorus puts on a performance at
    which admission is charged and all of the proceeds  are donated to a charitable organization.
    2. Participation in and travel to theatrical musical performances, festivals or
    community events will count as service hours if both (a) and (b) below are met:
    A. The performance meets an identified community service need, such as at a nursing home or hospital.
    B. The performance is not a fundraiser for the organization nor the student is
    paid, or receives academic credit. For example, students participating in
    the Florida Youth Orchestra or school bands/orchestras may receive hours for performing
    at a retirement home, charitable and civic events or for a non-profit agency.
    3. A student may earn volunteer hours by helping at an event or performance at
    which admission is charged or a donation collected, providing that the student is
    not a member of the organization benefiting from the event. For example, a
    student, who is not a member of the Drama Club, may volunteer to usher and
    collect tickets at a drama club production and earn community service hours.
    4. Fundraising activities for non-profit charities will count as volunteer service hours as long as the student is not volunteering for an organization he or she belongs to (may not raise funds for self). Service hours may not be determined based on the amount of funds raised or products sold or donated.
    5. Volunteer services performed for day care centers, retirement homes, and animal hospitals
    will count for volunteer hours.
    6.  Time out of class may not be used for hours. However, a maximum of five (5)
    volunteer hours per week can be earned by participation in an organized,
    supervised and approved peer tutoring program in which the tutoring takes place
    when school is in session. However, the tutoring sessions cannot take place
    during any of the tutor’s academic classes.
    7. Service hours will be awarded for students volunteering on political and issue
    campaigns. To receive service hours, a student cannot be paid for working on the
    political campaign. A student is not eligible to receive service hours for
    volunteering on the political campaign of a school board employee or in school
    board elections. Students are not eligible to receive service hours for
    campaigning or being engaged in political activities during the school day or on
    school campuses.
    8. Students may receive volunteer hours for helping at religious institutions as
    long as those hours do not include participation in a religious service, teaching
    religion or proselytizing. For example, a student is not eligible for service learning
    teaching Sunday school, singing in the choir or serving as an altar server.
    However a student may receive service hours for assisting in landscaping, clean
    up days or volunteering in the day care center. In addition, students serving as
    teen aides (i.e. copying materials, walking kids to bathrooms, assisting with
    supervision) are eligible for service hours as long as the student is not
    teaching religious studies.
    9. In general, service rendered directly to a for profit institution or organization will
    not count. For example, volunteering at a “For Profit” summer camp does not qualify for
    community service.
    10. Service for a student’s family or family business will not count.
    11. Service performed as the result of disciplinary action taken by the school or the
    courts will not count.
    12. Participation in campus or competitive activities such as athletics, plays, chorus,  debate
    meets, etc. will not count.
    13. Service performed as an academic requirement, will not count.
    14. Babysitting, or similar services, performed for an individual family, will not count.
    15. Volunteer hours may not be certified by a family member or fellow student.
    16. Service hours will not be awarded for any in kind or monetary donations of any
    kind including canned food collections, toy collections, etc. For example, a service
    hour value cannot be established for the donation of a specific number of cans of
    food. The time spent collecting the cans of food (as long as it does not occur
    during the school day) can count.
    17. The number of service hours that are earned cannot be doubled or in any way
    increased by any agency, school or individual. Agencies  found to be practicing the doubling of hours will be removed from the list of those approved by the programs.
    18. Participation in self-improvement workshops, clinics, conferences or
    conventions will not count for volunteer hours. If workshops, clinics, etc. have a
    specific service component, the hours spent on that activity can count.
    19. Hours spent helping others (not family members) in disaster preparations or
    clean up may count. For example, students volunteering their time to assist neighbors in putting up and
    taking down hurricane shutters will count towards service hours.
    20. A student may receive service hours credit for the time donating blood at an off campus
    facility or after school. Donation of blood during the student’s school day does not qualify for service.
    21. A student may NOT earn credit for attending a club meeting, but if that club does a community service activity, students  can earn hours during the activity itself.