The Coral Shores High School varsity cheer team fared well at the recent four-day NCA Cheer Camp in Weston. Front
    row from left, Abby Zishka, Bethany Norling, Coral DiMartino, Heather Manfre, Alaina Murphy and Annika Needham.
    Middle row from left, coach Dominique Colarusso, Rachel Clark, Alexis Kumar, Katie Pooley, Skylynn Lindback (captain)
    Ryleigh Zebendon and Meghan Foster. Back row from left, Emma Kost, Julie Powers, Kelsea Steiztmen, Bridget Rader,
    Lauren Fundyk and Laira Gomer.

  • Reprinted from the Florida Keys Free Press

    After a four-day National Cheerleaders
    Association cheer camp in
    Weston, the Coral Shores High
    School varsity squad returned
    home not only with better moves,
    but also with several top acco-
    "I would like to say that I
    couldn't be happier and honored
    to have these girls on my team
    this year, and I am so proud of
    all of them," coach Dominique
    Colarusso said. "I cannot wait to
    see how this team comes togeth-
    er as well as the huge surprise
    we have for all our Coral Shores
    Coral Shores was represented
    by 18 cheerleaders competing in
    three different divisions — game
    day cheer, chant and sideline
    cheer — and they earned supe-
    rior ribbons, the highest grade
    given, for each of their respective
    The Lady Canes also gar-
    nered the Herkie Award, which is
    awarded to the team that not only
    excelled at camp, but showed the
    most respect, leadership and
    Along with the team honors,
    Coral Shores also had nominees
    for the All American National
    Cheerleading Association award
    that included Skylynn Lindback,
    Coral DiMartino, Bethany
    Norling, Heather Manfre and
    Alaina Murphy after they com-
    peted in individual tryouts, which
    showcased their individual skills
    in jumps, tumbling, crowd spirit
    and camp cheer. Lindback and
    DiMartino earned spots on the All
    American Team.
    The Lady Canes squad also earned a bid to the
    NCA Senior and Junior High
    School National Championship
    in Dallas, Texas.
    "Through all this hard work for
    each and every girl on our new
    Coral Shores varsity team, at the
    end of camp, my girls were pre-
    sented with the highest achieve-
    ment we could have possibly
    thought," Colarusso said. "As we
    prepare for this high honor we
    will be ftmdraising and donating
    our time for each team member
    to be able to travel and com-
    pete in one of the biggest cheer-
    ing competitions in the United