Cell Phone Policy
  • Middle School Cellphone Policy.

    Phones are to be away when the bell rings at 8:20 am, when Middle School students walk into the Big Blue Building or any other building in the morning the phones should be away. The day starts at 8:20 am and they should be in class by 8:30 ready to work. 


    1. Students are to have their phones put away in their bag before they enter the building to begin their school day.
    2. NO PHONES are to be out during passing from class to class.
    3. Students are to either put their phones in the class caddy upon entrance or turned off in their backpacks.
    4. Middle School students are allowed to have their phones during lunch.
    5. Once Middle School students return from lunch they are to put the phones back in their bags.


    1. NO earbuds/earphones are allowed during the school day (8:20-3:30).
    2. Earbuds/earphones are allowed in the class only if teacher directs students to take them out during a lesson.
    3. Earbuds/earphones seen will be collected, put in an envelope with student name, and turned into administration.