• Key Largo School Dress Code


    ANY SOLID Color Button Downs or Polos

    • Appropriately worn and must be size appropriate
    • No more patterns, solid colors only.

    Hoodies or sweaters are to be solid colors. They can wear college or university and the KLS hoodies. This is all year, no exceptions. 

    Solid color Pants or Walking/Bermuda Length Shorts (brown, khaki, black, gray, blue, white)
    Solid color dresses or skirts (brown, khaki, black, blue or white)
    The length of shorts, skirts and dresses must extend past the fingertips when the student's arms are extended by his/her legs.

    No leggings or athletic spandex

    Leggings are approved if they are brown, khaki, black, blue or white and may ONLY be worn under dress code appropriate dress or skirt.

    Polo Shirt Style dresses may be any color as well. One SOLID color.

    No Blue Denim Jeans (except on Fridays)
    •             No holes in the pants.
    •             No more patterns, solid colors only.

    No hats are to be worn inside of the classroom buildings or cafeteria.

    Friday Dress Code:

    Local sports teams or activities that the students participate in regularly.

    Blue denim jeans are permitted on Friday.  No hole in the blue jeans

    Assistance for Mandatory Dress Code 
    All articles of clothing shall be inexpensive and readily available for all students.  Parents who demonstrate a dire financial need can contact an administrator who will assist them in obtaining the required garments for school.  Key Largo School has established a support system to assist all families. A clothing closet/bank has been developed and is located in the front office. When a child outgrows an item of clothing, the family may exchange this item for gently used items of the next size.  Exchanged items must be in good condition.  Stained and ripped clothes will not be accepted for trade.  All families are encouraged to participate in the trade-up clothing closet. The school clothing closet also accepts donations at any time during the school year.