• Officers
    • Jenny O’Brien-Chair
    • Walt Howarth- Vice-Chair
    • Sarah Sheer- Secretary
    • Melissa Meier-Faculty Member 

    SAC MEMBERSHIP 2021-2022

    2021-22 Meetings
    SAC meetings are on the second Wednesday of each month.
    Aug. 25
    Sept. 8 Feb. 9
    Oct. 13 March 9
    Nov. 10 April 13
    Dec. 8 May 11
    Jan. 12 Join Us!
    Agendas Minutes
    Aug. 25 Aug.25
    Sept. 8 Sept.8
    Oct. 13 Oct. 13
    Nov.10 Nov. 10
    Dec. 8 Dec. 8
    Jan. 12 Jan.12
    Feb. 9 Feb 9
    March 9 March 9
    April 13 April 13 
    May 11 May 11
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    Class Sponsor Form
    Correlation between Common Core Standards and ELL

    Shark of the Month
    Ms. Jones-Hayes EOM May
    Ms. Jones-Hayes -EOM May 2022
    Ms. G SAC EOM
    Ms. Gillespie-EOM March 2022
    Ms. Bracher
    Ms. Bracher EOM-February 2022
    Horner SAC employee of the month January
    Ms. Holcomb EOM-January 2022
    J Russo SAC employee Dec
    Jennifer Russo-EOM December 2021
    Horner SAC Employee for November
    Malla Horner-EOM November 2021
    Mayo SAC employee
    Dennis Mayo-EOM October 2021
    graft SAC April
    Lisa Graft-EOM April 2021
    Ms. Mayo SAC Employee of the Month March
    Marymalane Mayo-EOM March 2021 
    Ms. Rey EOM Feb
    Jeanianne Rey-EOM February 2021
    Mr. Barber EOM January2021
    Richard Barber-EOM January 2021
    mike Roy eom December
    Mike Roy EOM -December 2020
    reading coach cartoon
    Marissa Means EOM-November 2020
    Walden SACPTO october
    Kevin Walden- EOM October 2020
    lanier and sac chair
    Kelley Lanier-Special SAC/PTO Recognition 2020
    coach parker EOM may
    Hayden Parker -EOM May 2020
    EOM april Mrs. Harris
    Callie Harris-EOM April 2020
    EOM Fairbrother Smith march
    Victoria Fairbrother-Smith-EOM March 2020
    Becky Rollason- EOM February 2020
    Connie Hettel EOM January
    Connie Hettel-EOM January 2020
    EOM december
    Maria Allen-EOM December 2019
    Shayla Anderson EOM november with SAC chairperson
    Shayla Anderson-EOM November 2019 
    ms butler sac employee of month with shark, student, AP, and SAC chair
    Sarah Butler-EOM October 2019
    Mrs. Meier SAC EOM may
    Melissa Meier-EOM May 2019
    Ms. Cassis EOM
    Melinda Cassis-EOM April 2019
    Batule EOM March
    Lauren Batule-EOM March 2019
    means SAC EOM february
    Marissa Means-EOM February 2019
    Ms. Amy January SAC EOM
    Amy Stubblefield-January 2019
    Mr. Greene EOM
    Tyrone Greene-December 2018
    Ms. Herrera SAC EOM for November
    Maria Liz Herrera- November 2018
    SAC employee of the Month for September Ms Nedin pictured with sac officers and the school Principal
    Leyla Nedin- October 2018
    SAC employee of the month for April
    Kevin Walden-April 2018
    Sarah Melich and SAC President pose for March employee of the Month
    Sarah Melich-March 2018
    Ms. Kruzick-EOM march
    Carleigh Kruzick-February 2018
    sac EOM January Ms. Yadne
    Yadne Delanuez-January 2018
    EOM December Ms Vazquez
    Megan Vazquez-December 2017
    Sac EOM nov
    Mindy Vinson-November 2017

    Rachel Quad-May 2017
    Employee of the month logo

    Gloria Suarez-April 2017

    Nanette Murray-March 2017 

    Rebecca Palomino February 2017

    Patricia Roman January 2017

    Jackie Monroe-December 2016

    Maria Herrera-Novemeber-2016

    Sherry Swaney-October 2016

    Janet McNaughton-April 2016

    Michele Licause-Ryan-February 2016

    Bob Thompson-January 2016 

    Laura Barber-December 2015

    Brenda Lucas-November -2015

    Jill Palladino-October 

    Connie Hettel -May 2015

    Pamela Smith -April 2015

    Ann-Marie Thurber-March
    Ann-Marie Thurber -March 2015

    Janet Vazquez-February 2015

    Cyndi Dameron - December 2014

    Stephanie Williams - November 2014

    October 2014 - Melissa Jones

    March 2014 - Linda Diaz

    February 2014 - Maria Herrera

    January 2014 - Lisa Graft

    November 2013 - Vicotria Fairbrother-Smith

    September 2013 - Roseanne McKillip