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    The Monroe County School District adheres to the philosophy that the school counseling program is an essential and integral part of the school’s total program with a commitment to individual uniqueness, an understanding of multicultural diversity, and the maximum development of human potential.   Through the collaborative efforts of counselors, this program, in conjunction with faculties, staffs, and various community agencies, will serve to facilitate students’ growth throughout their educational career.  Growth and learning are developmental; therefore, school counseling must be developmental and sequential.   
    To implement the school counseling program in the Monroe County School District, school counselors are committed to the following beliefs:
    • Professional school counselors know how vitally important it is to reach and teach all students and to make a positive impact in the life of every child in order to achieve the utmost success, regardless of individual circumstances.
    • Individual student success must remain in the forefront of our minds so that every opportunity is given to provide whatever measure needed in order to reach the highest success rate possible. 
    • All students have the right to be served by the school counseling program.
    • The school counseling and guidance program is an essential and integral part of the overall educational process.
    • The school counseling program should be consistent with developmental stages of learning. Growth and learning are developmental in nature; thus students learn through different means and at individual rates.
    • An ongoing program of counselor competency training/retraining is necessary to maintain a quality school counseling program.
    • The professional mandates and guidelines proposed by the national and state school counselor association shall continue to set standards for the school counseling program.
    •  All students:
      • should have access to a school counselor to discuss personal concerns
      • should have access to information about occupational and educational planning
      • have the right to assistance in identifying their needs in the personal/social domain
      • should have the opportunity to make choices within the constraints of the​ educational system 
    Mission Statement
    As professional school counselors of Monroe County, our mission is to provide a comprehensive developmental counseling program that will both inspire and assist all students in acquiring the knowledge, skills, and attitudes needed to become effective students who believe in themselves, responsible citizens who work collaboratively for the greater good, and lifelong learners who always strive for more.



  • PBS Model Schools

    School 2013-2014 designation 2014-2015
    designation Principal PBIS Coach Horace O’Bryant School Bronze Silver Mike Henriquez Pam Ziesmann
    Nichole Smith Key Largo School None Bronze Laura Lietaert Kelley Steinmetz Stanley Switlik Elementary
    Brett Unke
    Mary Lou Darczuk Plantation Key School
    Lisa Taylor
    Jackie Patterson Poinciana …

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  • Alvarez, Dawn

    Email: dawn.alvarez@keysschools.com
    Address: Key Largo School

    Beaton, Laurie

    Email: laurie.beaton@keysschools.com
    Address: Plantation Key School

    Booth, Felicia

    Email: felicia.booth@keysschools.com
    Address: Horace O'Bryant School

    Cooper, Vicki

    Email: vicki.cooper@keysschools.com
    Address: Key West High School

    Coralluzzo, Heather

    Email: heather.coralluzzo@keysschools.com
    Address: Marathon Middle/High School

    Darczuk, Mary Lou

    Email: marylou.darczuk@keysschools.com
    Address: Stanley Switlik Elementary School

    Faust, Megan

    Email: megan.faust@keysschools.com
    Address: Sigsbee Charter

    Gerard, Del

    Email: del.gerard@keysschools.com
    Address: Big Pine Academy

    Goins, Daliana

    Email: daliana.goins@keysschools.com
    Address: Poinciana Elementary School
    District Lead Counselor

    Gordon, Carly

    Email: carly.gordon@keysschools.com
    Address: Adult & Career Education

    Grostefon, Cathy

    Email: cathy.grostefon@keysschools.com
    Address: Marathon Middle/High School

    Harris, Chris

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    Address: Coral Shores High School

    Jennings, Heather

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    Address: Keys Center

    Mackenzie, Kay

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    Address: Coral Shores High School

    Michelini, Dawn

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    Address: Coral Shores High School

    Missert, Linda

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    Address: Key West High School

    Morales, Debbie

    Email: debbie.morales@keysschools.com
    Address: Key West High School

    Palomino, Rebecca

    Email: rebecca.palomino@keysschools.com
    Address: Sugarloaf School

    Robinson, Bill

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    Address: Horace O'Bryant School

    Sorrentino, Alex

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    Address: Gerald Adams Elementary School

    Spencer, Wanda

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    Address: Horace O'Bryant School

    Townsend, Gavin

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    Wilson, Susan

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    Address: Key Largo School

    Woods, Lynda

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    Address: Key West Montessori