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    Welcome to Certification Assistance for Monroe County

    Monroe County Public Schools needs new teachers every year---in all grade levels, in all subjects and in all schools throughout the Florida Keys.

    MCSD students are very diverse and eager to learn.  Our community brings rich experience from other cultures and speaks many different languages.  Bring your expertise and experiences to enable our kids to reach new heights.

    We encourage individuals who are interested in teaching as a profession to contact us to discuss the certification process.  Prospective teachers are invited to complete the formal online paperless application for employment at:  Applicant Tracking System.

    We are looking for teacher applicants: a) who have eligibility for Florida certification, b) holding valid educator certificates from other states, and/or c) with at least a BA degree and a strong desire to make a difference with kids and teach in our district.  

    While you’re working on obtaining FL certification or if you’re uncertain of what school, subject, grade level or area of the Keys you would like to teach, we would love for you to apply to substitute teach.  This would give you school/classroom exposure in the Keys.  Substitutes may work as often or as little as they like, indicate what schools they are willing to sub, and say yes or no when contacted.  Salary is based on education level.  Please apply for positions in our new Applicant Tracking System.

    To qualify for an educator position in Monroe County, you need eligibility for Florida certification with a Florida Statement of Eligibility.  VIDEO: Initial Application How To   All FL educators must establish a new user account for access to the Florida Department of Education Bureau of Educator Certification Online Licensing Service site.   Please register/apply to the FL DOE online and obtain an FL DOE number.   If you wish to contact the Florida DOE Bureau of Educator Certification to discuss the certification process, they may be reached at edcert@fldoe.org (always provide your name and FDOE file or certificate number in the subject area of an email to the FDOE) or call them at 800-445-6739. Send required documents with FL DOE number indicated, which would include any valid out of state educator certificate(s) and official transcripts showing date degree(s) conferred to: Florida Department of Education Bureau of Educator Certification, Suite 201, Turlington Building, 325 W. Gaines Street, Tallahassee, FL 32399-0400.

     The following documents may assist you in determining how to qualify for a Florida teaching certificate:

    The FL DOE will send you a Statement of Eligibility good for three years.  The Statement of Eligibility will list requirements to obtain a temporary and/or professional certificate in Florida for the area(s) you applied.  This is your opportunity to work toward completing the requirements listed and become qualified.  The more requirements you complete, the better your opportunity and easier a new teaching position will be for you.  When you obtain a teaching position in Monroe County, you will be fingerprinted at an FDOE level and your certification will be processed. 

    Without a degree in education, a Florida subject area exam will be required for eligibility and passing this would deem you highly qualified to teach. For study guides, to view sample test questions (this may also help you determine what subject you would like to teach), purchase sample testing and to register for a Florida subject area exam you may go to the following website www.fl.nesinc.com. Please let me know when you have uploaded (unofficial is fine) passing score reports to your application with MCSD.  The testing website will automatically send passing scores to the FDOE in approximately 30 days.  If you have additional questions about the registration process, you may contact the testing agency directly at 866-613-3281.

    Teachers having temporary certification may be required by Florida Statute to pass the General Knowledge testing.  This requirement would be stated on the FL Statement of Status of Eligibility and completion prior to employment is suggested. Testing is available at www.fl.nesinc.com.  Please contact the FL DOE at 800-445-6739 if you are able to demonstrate mastery of General Knowledge in another manner (college-level teaching or GRE test scores) listed at: http://www.fldoe.org/teaching/certification/general-cert-requirements/general-knowledge.stml

    Once you have a valid FL temporary or professional educator certificate, you will also qualify for coaching positions using your FL certificate and a coaching certificate or endorsement will not be required.


    For certification assistance please contact Daniella.DeLucia@KeysSchools.com or 305-293-1400 ext 53480.

    THANK YOU For Your Interest in Teaching in The Florida Keys, Where The World Vacations!

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    An ever-changing and diverse world will require students to adapt, to learn new skills, to analyze challenges, and to overcome obstacles.

    Therefore, the MISSION of the Monroe County Schools is to empower all students to become responsible and contributing global citizens.