Live and work where the world vacations!


    The Monroe County School District is currently hiring positions from principals to bus drivers. With 11 schools spanning 126 miles, our district offers some of the highest pay in the country and arguably the best views. Key Largo, Islamorada, Marathon, Key West - choose your paradise and find open positions below! 

    Current Positions Available:

    • Elementary Teachers 
    • Middle School Teachers 
    • High School Teachers 
    • Substitute Teachers 
    • Bus Drivers 
    • Food Services 
    • & More! 

    Not certified? No problem, we will help with how to qualify!


    Benefits of working for
    Monroe County School District

    One of the highest starting salaries in Florida (and the United States)

    Salary Range $62,100 - $102,300 (that’s more than 35% higher than the national average!) 

    Newly Renovated Schools 

    Our schools have almost all been recently renovated and are equipped with some of the best technology to help teachers and students succeed.

    World-Class Sports Facilities 

    We love sports. From baseball to volleyball to soccer, our local sports facilities have all recently received beautiful turf makeovers.
    Despite being small, our sports programs routinely send athletes to state tournaments and we have taken home the title on many occasions. 

    $10,000 Life and AD&D insurance 

    We offer this to all of our employees. 

    Grow Your Own 

    Otherwise known as GO² is a local effort by the Monroe County School District to give employees the opportunity to earn college degrees
    in their area of specialty. Whether it is earning an education degree, finance degree, or human resources degree, we want to invest in you and
    help build a stable workforce of local talent. 

    Sign-up bonuses for Bus Drivers 

    Paid training and a stipend upon completion of training. 

    Florida Retirement System 

    All of our employees are enrolled in the Florida Retirement System. 

    Did we mention the views, the community, and the fun?



    With incredible ocean views that can’t be beaten, mouth-watering seafood and amazing restaurants, never-ending weekend beach adventures, and world-renowned fishing activities – it's an unforgettable spot to call your happy place. Plus, with great sports programs and beach weekends, you’ll never be bored!

    Picture yourself enjoying the best sunsets in the world every night and using your weekends to finally get some much-needed rest and relaxation.

    From crystal clear waters to the thriving community to up-close encounters with sea life - living like a local is just better here. 

    Treat yourself to laid-back island vibes in The Florida Keys. Enjoy all that nature has blessed us with at this paradise destination where there's something for everyone.

    Don't wait, apply today! 

    Raise your family in the Florida Keys

    Are you looking for a family-friendly place to settle down? Family walking on the beach

    The Florida Keys may be just what you're looking for. With a strong focus on diversity and inclusion, the Florida Keys welcomes families of all kinds. The warm, year-round climate means plenty of opportunities to get outside and enjoy activities together. And the tight-knit community comes together to create fun, educational events for families and children. Great schools, sports leagues, and clubs offer support and opportunities for growth. Amazing natural areas and beaches provide endless options for adventure and relaxation. And the local food is second to none. If you're considering the Florida Keys for your family, don't hesitate to reach out to learn more. 



    dog on the beach

    What About Pets?

    Our community adores its animal friends!
    Pet-friendly businesses, dog beaches,
    pet-themed festivals and parades - the
    Florida Keys is not just paradise for humans!





                Their winters

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               Our winters

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    map of the Keys

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    With competitive salaries, stunning facilities, welcoming teacher orientation programs, and arguably the best community in the county, it’s time to live and work where the world vacations!

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