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    School Advisory Council

    The School Advisory Council (SAC) assists in the development of the education program and in the preparation and evaluation of the School Improvement Plan (SIP).  The council advises the Principal and may recommend changes in policy, curriculum, public relations, school programs, and other items that are beneficial to the school and students.  The SAC also serves as a liaison between the school and the community, and makes decisions on the spending of SAC funds to help meet the SIP goals. 

    2020-2021 SAC Officers:

     President: Steven Williams

    Vice President: Kym Momaly

    Secretary: Gayzel Collins

     SAC Voting Board:

     Wendy McPherson, Kym Momaly, Gayzel Collins, Steven Williams, Cami Holdinga, Catherine Dunn, Diane Culver, Amanda Lee, Tiffany Sauders, Zulma Jimenez

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    SAC Meeting Dates 2021-2022



    Unapproved Minutes

    Approved Minutes

    September 7, 2021



     Approved Minutes

    October 5, 2021




    November 2, 2021




    December 7, 2021




    January 11, 2022




    February 8, 2022




    March 1, 2022




    April 5




    May 3