• Monroe County School District
    Teacher of the Year

    Seana Cameron

    Superintendent Dr. Joseph Burke is pleased to announce that Seana Cameron has been selected as the 2010-2011 Monroe County School District Teacher of the Year. Mrs. Cameron is a fifth grade teacher at Poinciana Elementary with 23 years of teaching experience. She is a National Board Certified Teacher with a Master Degree in Elementary Childhood and was selected for her outstanding academic success, excellent instructional methods and her contributions to the profession. She is also a published author and has worked on several educational projects both in Key West and New York during her career.
    Known for facilitating student success, Seana has the ability to make the classroom come alive with engaging activities and student centered instruction that involves the whole child in exciting, hands-on learning experiences in which the academic, emotional and social aspects of the student’s development can be seen. She truly believes in the doctrine of meeting the needs of all students through a commitment toward recognizing that students possess their own learning styles and the use of differentiated instruction. As an educator, she sees her role as a facilitator of learning opportunities and she strives to foster her student’s enthusiasm for discovery so that they will become lifelong learners.

    In addition to her outstanding classroom instructional techniques, which are proven effective with academic data, Mrs. Cameron also contributes to the Poinciana Community by serving as a teacher mentor, providing special curriculum night sessions for parents and serving in teacher leadership roles. Her contributions to the district include being a part of the KIDS online curriculum development team, serving on several textbook adoption committees and serving as a math teacher leader.
    Mrs. Cameron will be Monroe County’s representative in the Florida Department of Education Teacher of the Year selection process this spring.

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    Teachers of the Year: 2011