• Peachjar's Community Free (Free Flyer Posting Program) was created to allow local community organizations to distribute their digital flyers to nearby schools at no cost when promoting a free event or activity that does not encourage participants to join a fee-based program, or include the opportunity to purchase products, services, or food and beverages. To ensure flyers are relevant to all parents and to decrease approval requests received by districts, Peachjar limits organizations using Community Free flyer distribution to one posting every 30 days for up to 25 schools.

    Local community organizations can continue to promote various free programs by consolidating their flyers into a single, multi-page flyer. Also, organizations such as cities can have multiple Community Free accounts that are department-specific, and create Community Free accounts for their local branches (e.g. libraries).

    Organizations interested in requesting a Community Free account must contact Peachjar directly by phone, “Contact Us” web request, or via online chat. Upon receipt of the request, Peachjar will ask the organization to provide the following information that is used to evaluate its qualification for a Community Free account:

    • To which school district(s) do you wish to distribute your flyer?

    • What is the exact number of schools to which you wish to distribute your flyer?

    • Are all events you distribute flyers about free, or do some encourage payment of future fees, have paid services, or include vendor participation? (Some organizations may need both a standard paid account and a Community Free account to meet their needs.)

    • What is the email address associated to your Peachjar account?

    • Please provide a copy of your flyer for review.

    Requests for exceptions to this policy will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Peachjar reserves the exclusive right to make all determinations regarding the acceptance of each Community Free flyer posting request, and the authorization of each organization requesting a Community Free account.

    For additional information about our Community Free program, please contact Peachjar at 877-402-1786 or email support@peachjar.com.



  • MCSD approves the distribution of flyers that promote: 

    • Educational events aligned to the District Strategic plan, vision, mission, and core values for the betterment of student learning
    • Healthy and wholesome enrichment opportunities that support education beyond the classroom
    • Leisure activities for our students and families sponsored by organizations/agencies that support our schools or district

    Flyers approved for distribution must:  

    • Be in PDF format
    • Contain clip art only- no images of people, students, etc. 
    • Be in portrait orientation- 8.5 x 11
    • Bear the name and contact information of the sponsoring entity
    • Also include a Spanish version if uploading to all schools or based on the school’s demographics


    Approval of your flyer does not imply MCSD endorsement of any identified product and/or service.  The District Qualifier will automatically be included on the flyer.  

    *** MCSD reserves the right to revoke privileges from a community/agency program provider if, after distribution of a flyer, it is found to have been promoting an activity that does not align with the guidelines for distribution (e.g. activity as described in the flyer was not what actually occurred).

    To request flyer approval, follow the steps below. Your flyer will be automatically submitted to the district office. District staff will review the material and approve or deny based on the guidelines above. Flyers will be approved every Monday.  If Monday falls on a holiday, flyers will be approved the Friday before. Flyers will not be approved during district designated holidays or breaks. During those times, flyers will be approved the day before the holiday and the first day that the district reopens. Please make sure that your flyers have been submitted at least one week before the event date.  Once approved, your flyer will be emailed to all parents and posted online. Paper flyers from outside organizations will no longer be distributed at our schools. 
    • Visit www.peachjar.com 
    • Register as an Enrichment / Community Org. (account type)
    • Upload your flyer for approval
    For Questions about Peachjar: 
    If you have any questions regarding getting started,
    please call 877-402-1786 or email gogreen@peachjar.com