Esports (also known as electronic sports, e-sports, or eSports) is a form of competition using video games. The High School Esports League (HSEL) is currently the largest high school esports league in the US. HSEL delivers high school level competition, has 15,000 students on its platform representing 800 schools nationwide, competing in 13 different games including the most popular high school esports, Overwatch and League of Legends. HSEL is also a strong advocate for making esports available to every student as a legitimate varsity level sport in high schools across the nation. Esports is a far bigger phenomenon....at the college level more than 475 schools offer club teams and about 50 offer esports scholarships ranging from $5,000 to $20,000 including Division 1 Colleges.  Professional esports players are typically sponsored by companies affiliated with video games, including game developers and game-controller manufacturers, and the players compete for multimillion-dollar prizes. Conservative estimates project that the global esports market will be a $1.5 billion industry by 2020. The Paris 2024 Olympic organizers are in discussions to include esports as a demonstration sport.

      Parent/Student Information

      There are usually 13 games to choose from either multi or solo player, games listed for the Winter Open are: Rocket League, Overwatch, CSGO, League of Legends, Rainbow6Siege, Fortnite, SuperSmashBros Ultimate, Blackout, OSU, Hearthstone, Dragonball Fighter Z, Call of Duty Black Ops Multi Player, DOTA 2

      Games are played from your home computer, usually between 5-7pm, once a week

      The fee is $10/month or $20 for the winter season, paid by the student to play online with other schools, no fee to join the team and practice only

      Must join DISCORD (DISCORD - CHAT FOR GAMERS is an APP designed to help gamers talk to each other in real time, users can log into Discord and enter a group chat with one or more other gamers so they can talk while they play), used while practicing with other team memebers and also to notify team members of meetings, changes to schedules, etc.....

      Team meetings usually held once a month, teacher advisor is Mr. Murphy

      Students must maintain 2.75 GPA, be in 9th-12th grades, rules must be read and agreed to in the form of signatures on the team paperwork by BOTH students and parents prior to playing online with other schools, 8th grade students may join the club (free) to practice only- no competing until 9th grade


      MHS DOLPHIN E-Sports team was founded this Fall 2018 by 11th grader Cory Bisson.  The Fall Majors are  over and the new roster for the Winter Open needs to be submitted by January 7, 2019.  This will be followed by the Sprint Majors starting March 8, 2019. Players wanted and needed so PLEASE join the fun and competition of E-Sports!!

      Contact Cory Bisson at pokedesigns48@gmail.com