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    • Supporting ELLs in the Mainstream Classroom - There are a number of things that mainstream educators can do in order to support their ELLs — many of which may already be happening in some form in the classroom. As with many ELL strategies, these often prove to be helpful with mainstream or special education students as well. Here are some ideas!

    • Multicultural Education Resource Directory - prepared by the Oregon Department of Education - This directory is for use by  educators and community members in identifying and utilizing educational curricular, instructional, and organizational resources to assist students as they prepare for productive lives in our diverse society.

    • National Education Association (NEA) members are working to improve achievement for all students and close the achievement gaps, particularly for low-income and minority students. This website - Great Public Schools for Every Child - Reaching Out to All Children provides great resources for Closing the Gap.

    • Founded in 1991 by the Southern Poverty Law Center, Teaching Tolerance provides educators with free educational materials that promote respect for differences and appreciation of diversity in the classroom and beyond. Winner of the Webby Award for Activism and Electronic Multimedia Awards for Education and Public Service, Tolerance.org provides among other things practical resources for parents and teachers and entertaining and educational games for young children.

     A Summary of Research (see pages 28-31 for strategies to use for Hispanic students and  pages 51-58 for strategies to use with Black students)