• 21st Century Community Learning Centers

    Notice of Intent to Apply

    TAPS 21B030 - Statewide


    This letter is to serve as formal notice that Monroe County School District intends to enter into the 2020-2021 grant competition for 21st Century Community Learning Centers (CCLC).

    The purpose of 21st Century Community Learning Centers is to provide opportunities during non-school hours for academic enrichment. These opportunities include tutorial services, homework help, youth development activities, nutrition and health education, drug and violence prevention programs, arts, music, physical fitness and wellness programs, technology education programs, financial literacy programs, environmental literacy programs, mathematics, science, and career and technical programs. 21st Century Community Learning Centers also provide opportunities for adult family members to participate in their child’s education by taking part in activities and information sessions.


    Monroe County currently operates a 21st Century Community Learning Center program at Gerald Adam’s Elementary School, which is in its final program year. This Notice of Intent to Apply for the 2020-2021 grant competition would potentially launch a new program period and would continue to provide Gerald Adams students with additional academic opportunities.

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Keys to Success - 21st Century Community Learning Center at Gerald Adams Elementary

  • The purpose of the 21st Century Community Learning Center (21st CCLC) grant is to provide support to students at risk of failing or falling behind in school.  21st CCLC is a federally funded afterschool and summer program offered at no cost to participants.  The program goals are to increase academic performance, enrich personal development, and enhance family involvement in student learning.  Monroe County School District's program at Gerald Adams Elementary School is 21st Century Keys to Success (21st KTS). 
    21st Century KTS afterschool and summer program offers:
    • Activities designed to support student and family learning;
    • Homework help and remedial education;
    • Personal enrichment; and
    • Family-centered activities that promote parental involvement and family literacy.  

    21st Century KTS incorporates many Project Based Learning (PBL) learning strategies and activities into its program.  Research shows that students remember what they learned when engaged with academic subjects through PBL environments.  This increases knowledge and develops personal skills.   
    Student performance is regularly measured through academic grades and state standardized assessments.  In that way program effectiveness is directly linked to student performances.  Having a strong evaluation plan ensures continuous progress toward 21st Century KTS goals and objectives, and MCSD has retained EduMatrix, LLC. as the external grant evaluator for making these assessments.  As part of the evaluation process EduMatrix works with the program’s project coordinator and the school site coordinators throughout the year to provide feedback on program performance; while mid-ear and end-of-year reports offer a quantitative and qualitative look at program achievements.

    Program Advisory Boards and community partners are a major part of the 21st Century KTS support team.  Program Advisory Boards are comprised of parents, staff and community partners who lend their support as consultants, volunteers, and service providers.

    While the benefits of 21st Century KTS are felt most by the students and family members enrolled in the program, it’s the community as a whole that benefits from the program.  


  • 21st CCLC Program at Gerald Adams
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