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    The Commissioner's Summer Reading Adventure Program
    To prevent students from losing ground over the summer, Florida created several programs to provide the learning opportunities necessary to ensure student performance and achievement continue upward. The Commissioner's Summer Reading Adventure program offers students an online free book search, "Find a Book," that relies on Lexile measures to help students build personal book lists that match their reading ability and interests. Students receive Lexile measures throughout the school year because of progress-monitoring assessments. The site has received more than 40,000 unique visits since the program was implemented in May. The state expanded the Find a Book program for the entire school year to ensure students continue to improve their literacy by searching for and finding books that meet their interests and their school assignments. In January 2011, the state will host "Celebrate Literacy, Florida" to promote literacy, raise awareness, and promote the enjoyment of reading. The state also has adopted the Common Core State Standards as building blocks for student achievement. State Education Commissioner Eric Smith says, "By working together and participating in these literacy programs, events, and initiatives, we can ensure our students are equipped with the literacy skills they need to become productive citizens of our great state." Read more at http://www.justreadflorida.com/pdf/FindBookFlorida.pdf
    The ultimate goal of reading instruction is to enable children to read fluently with

    New resource:  The new resource, called Success Measures, will provide parents and students with information on what is being taught and tested in our classrooms.

    Log on today to learn more about the materials students will be learning, when and how they will be tested and why the assessment program is changing.

    Go to www.fldoe.org/successmeasures, select a grade level and school year, and submit the course in reading/language, arts, mathematics, science, social studies, health or physical education.


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